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Jin Shimeng-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise - Posted By Zudoshichi (zudoshichi) on 6th Dec 22 at 2:11am
Without hesitation, Su Ming not only raised his sword, but also took out a fine steel fan about one foot and two inches long from his leather bag. Lingshu's eyes are bright, his eyebrows are raised frequently, and the opportunity is ready to go. Black veil girl suddenly for Lang laughed. "Elder Martial Brother Ming, take your time and listen to your little sister!" She had rushed close to, snuggled up to Su Ming, and continued: "My younger sister is a native of Jianghu. She has always acted willfully. Those who follow me will live, and those who resist me will die. She has been nicknamed Feiqiong by those who do not know whether they will live or die. Not to mention this, she has been confused by this fellow tonight.". And let you get into such a mess. Thought the younger sister had some unspeakable selfishness. Speaking of this, Gege could not help laughing, her crisp chest rose and fell, her green skirt fluttered with the wind, and her soul was graceful and graceful. Ling Shu was secretly disgusted with the way: "How can this woman be so dissolute?"? Compared with Qingmei, there is a difference between clouds and mud. He snorted coldly. The girl said again: "What I hate most about you men is that you are old and arrogant. In this scene, just let me take a sword and poke a blood hole in him, and let you see how happy Yunling Wujiangzhu is to people you don't like!" The last two sentences, said to be easy, more do not let Su Ming have much consideration, she has Tingting battle sword, also told the green maidservant way: "Huiniang, prepare well. Brother Ming and I have to leave here. You must be careful when you carry Qiu'e on your back. You can't let her hurt more!" Although her face was covered with a black veil, her beautiful figure, under the stars and the moon, became more and more graceful and graceful! Ling Shu sword, vertical sound Lang laughed. "Lu's father died for his mother, and his grandmother was killed by a high price. Now the corpse is on the top of the mountain,Magnetic Drain Plug, sadly waiting to be buried. His personal life and death have long been out of the question, so please give me some advice!" Young girl charming body, slightly a shake, but immediately cold way: "Isn't that all right for you?" A burst of delicate fragrance, Qiao shadow such as electricity, people have deceived themselves and entered, Lingshu only felt on the heart, was slightly pressed by her left hand, Dantian Zhenqi,alloy die casting, immediately scattered, almost fell on the spot, not greatly shocked, hurried to the left a flick, Que lightsaber up a wave, "peacock spread its tail", blocked the way the girl came, barely stood still, the opponent did not immediately catch up, still holding the sword, such as a marble statue. Stunned Keke stood on the spot. Shuer gave a loud shout: "Take it!" Que's lightsaber drew a silver rainbow, like a thunderbolt, and rolled up at his opponent's waist. The girl flashed slightly to the side and avoided the sword. Five fingers of her left hand flicked slightly, and the cold wind was like an arrow. In the middle of Lingshu's chest, she felt that her whole body had lost consciousness. The silver light in front of her eyes was in disorder. The girl's long sword came obliquely, in the middle of Haoer's left waist and abdomen. She immediately fell to the ground, with blood. Su Ming was about to rush forward and feed the corpse. Wu Jiangzhu coquettish voice drink a way: "Brother Ming can't be so reckless!" Su Ming immediately froze way: "He has been hit by your nine-day cold Yin Finger, and stabbed him with a sword. He has already died. Why pity his corpse and let him lose a delicious meal?" Girl Jiao laughed; "After the end of people, things happen for no reason, Stainless steel foundry ,CNC machining parts, this evil, can make a big!"! If you destroy the corpse again, won't you be afraid of the cycle of cause and effect, and the retribution will be unpleasant? Su Ming laughed. "So it depends on you, but Que's lightsaber belongs to Murong Shibo of Daliangshan. We have to take it back!" "Forget it, his own daughter, give things to others, why should you and I meddle in this matter?" Huiniang has brought the monster, please sit on the young lady and childe, the girl slightly twist willow waist, a vertical and up, turn back, see Su Ming still looking at the body of Ling Shu, not by Jiao laughed and said: "When a man is dead, why should he be disgusted?"? "I'm not afraid of being taboo. If I don't come, I'll run away alone!" The charming smile and moving voice lured Su Ming to move greatly in his heart. He jumped up and stood behind the girl, hugging her willow waist. He felt that the nephrite was full of warmth and fragrance. With a loud roar and four hooves flying, he reached the top of the mountain.
Two shadows, suddenly leap out of the forest, the girl called: "Uncle Su, it's over. Hurry up and go!" It was the two disabled old men who came, and when they heard this, they were stunned. The girl clapped the horn, and the monster's four hooves were flying, like a horse in the sky. The maidservant in green and the two old men immediately took eight steps into the sky, followed by the horn, and went away. On the top of the hill, there was no other sound except looking at the bottom of the sun, which was burned up by a raging fire, and the ruins were still emitting white smoke. Hui Ming, Hui He, Hui Xing and other three young nuns have put Yu's body and Nai Shi's body together. After the enemy was settled, Ling Shu was almost lying in a pool of blood. It was a tragic portrait. Although Sanhui was a Buddhist, she broke down in tears. Huiming told the two younger martial sisters to guard the body, while he went to Lingshu and looked carefully. On Shuer's blue shirt, the sword mark was still there, and the blood was still flowing out from the breach. She was waiting to bend over to pick up the person, after dawn, buried with the teacher, not yet, waist body, was suddenly a hug, ear side, someone said: "Move a little, only to speed up its death, must not be reckless!" The voice is sweet, similar to a girl, but every word is very heavy and powerful. Huiming was stunned and looked back, but it was a girl in a light red dress, standing behind her with a smile. She almost cried out. It was hard to believe that there was such a stunning beauty in the world, but she had such martial arts attainments. She could not help gazing at her carefully. The girl smiled slightly. The pear vortex was shallow. On her tender face, which was more like hibiscus, her face was shining in all directions, like a green fairy, occasionally wading into the world. Huiming was puzzled and asked: "The benefactress spoke so solemnly. Is the wounded not dead?" She answered without hesitation: "The acupoints of the whole body have been closed, and he has been wounded by a sword. Although the heart pulse is not broken, it is not too far from death!" Huiming sadly way: "Since the benefactress is able to see the minutest detail, she must be able to understand the spirit of medicine. If she can bring back the spring,non standard fasteners, the little nun will be in front of the Buddha's seat, chanting sutras and asking the Buddha to bless you for a lifetime of peace!" The girl said with a smile: What does he have to do with you? You care for him like this! Huiming could not help blushing, so he had to say: "Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Almsgiver Lu is a promising young man with a lonely life experience. Little Nemo is merciful to Buddha. How can he not be sad for him? I hope the female benefactor can save him!" 。