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Return of the God King of the League of Legends - Posted By Chishimochichikushi (chishimochichikushi) on 6th Dec 22 at 2:16am
Return of the God King of the League of Legends

A disdainful smile appeared on Ying's face Did he really think that his Yasuo was a vegetarian Directly an EQ in front of Obama Lu Jun reacted to want to press the flash but has been unable to press out was directly hit by the British Yasuo flew into the air then the big move and ignition with the output of the wheel mother directly seckill! Hammerstone watched Obama die on the lantern he threw but also quite helpless the British reaction is too fast first a wind wall blocked all the damage and then a beautiful EQ directly in front of Obama did not give them any time to react Now that Obama is dead Hammerstone naturally has no choice but to run away But in the escape but unfortunately Polymer Materials in a Q skill of bloom hammer stone is no flash skill the pace suddenly became slow the opposite Yasuo has come after hammer stone hurriedly an e skill want to push Yasuo away but was Yasuo a dexterous walk to get out of the way directly hit him with a knife with the attack of the wheel mother It directly triggered Bloom's passivity and Hammerstone finally fell to the ground This wave directly let the originally suppressed Yasuo get the double kill with two heads of Yasuo home can directly take out the electric knife and shoes perhaps also can make up some equipment so that Yasuo also not so afraid of the small fish man Coupled with the late opposite of the terrible flying line-ups as long as Yasuo this point up Yan Xiao here will be more difficult to play British face also finally look a little better this Obama and Hammerstone also want to show him It's too naive now with the economy of the head he must want them to look good! Lu Jun saw the next road both died his face became very ugly obviously Yasuo in the middle of the road was blown up the rhythm why to the next road can also show up! Why can Yan Xiao show him but he has to be shown by Yasuo! Sun Zhifei who was watching the battle under the stage saw this scene and also locked his brows He had already reminded Lu Jun why he did not leave for the first time when he saw Yasuo coming but also had to deal with it over there Do you really think that the hook of the hammer stone can hook the Yasuo with the wind wall You even made a big move! "Steady they have a stronger team battle" On the single to see the next road was killed frowned and said Although in theory the line-ups difference between the two sides is not particularly large but really want to talk about the team battle their family's group control is obviously not as good as the opposite the opposite stone man Yasubulong received a big move they will gg directly here not to mention the opposite two wind wall is simply complete grams of them! Chapter 226 don't be naughty (first watch) This wave of double play on the way down made the whole team's face sink In terms of line-ups alone the latter part of the group Yan Xiao here is not easy to play especially after Yasuo this point up GlobalChemMall it is even more difficult to play Yan Xiao worked hard to suppress Ying in the middle for so long but let him get fat It feels like a dog you've worked so hard to raise has inexplicably turned into a Tibetan mastiff and even you can't control it
If this is replaced by Lu Jun I am afraid the state of mind has already exploded but who is Yan Xiao How can a battle-hardened person have a problem with his mentality because of such a little setback Yasuo is suddenly fat isn't he If he is fat he will be fat If he is not fat it is not exciting to eat! Yan Xiao controlled the little fish man to come to the line you can clearly feel that the opposite Yasuo's position is much more radical than before before Yasuo but see him to keep a safe distance for fear that he suddenly went up to hit him now took two heads is not the same ah dare to arrogant e soldier e to his face Yan Xiao's little fish man is also not polite at all At the moment when Yasuo Forest Chemicals E soldier appeared in his attack range Yan Xiao's little fish man broke Yasuo's shield with a flat a and instantly opened the BSP; Yan Xiao saw that Yasuo chose the direct front Is also not polite directly a Q skill Q Yasuo a face and aggressive to Yasuo set on the ignition to know Yasuo now but there is nearly half of the blood volume this time set on the ignition will not be too early Yasuo saw that Yan Xiao put on this ignition which was also a bit inexplicable and his BSP; thought so Yasuo slightly hesitated for a moment such a hesitation is to give Yan Xiao more a out of a flat a and Yan Xiao's little fish hand gently raised Yasuo's body was hung and ignited Obviously he could feel the intention of the little fish man to kill At this time when he saw the little fish man raising his hand his immediate reaction was that the little fish person was going to release the big move As a result Yasuo was like a frightened bird and he handed it over directly However it was unexpected that After the little fish man raised his hand he did not see the shark appear but only saw the little fish man taunt in situ! Damn was played mercilessly by the taunt of the little fish man! When Ying saw the little fish man taunting in situ she was so angry that her face changed Angrily she turned the long-accumulated Q skill into a whirlwind with her anger blowing at the little fish man Such a moment in the moment of Yasuo's Q skill the little fish man is a dexterous naughty strike e skill to avoid Yasuo's Q skill blowing and across the wind wall a buttock sat on Yasuo's body causing a deceleration in the moment of deceleration and damage explosion a shark appeared in the hands of Yan Xiao He directly bit out Yasuo who had already been slowed down Yasuo's blood volume dropped rapidly under the small fish man's E skill and a with the effect of ignition has almost bottomed out so in the moment the shark bit up Yasuo was eaten even the body was not left directly into the belly of the shark Seeing his Yasuo being killed again Ying was so angry that he wanted to smash the keyboard Obviously has this equipment Yasuo is has and the small fish person single combat ability but why he was killed moreover opposite the small fish person also has more than half blood quantity