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Boyfriend I don't see - Posted By Dorothy (dorothy) on 9th Dec 22 at 12:45am
Xie Lan pounded the table, "Ah, yes, he is a 1364-year-old immortal, not an old goblin, nothing to be afraid of." “……” But a thousand years old sounds scary, okay? Xie Tao was stunned. Little sister has never seen the world at first sight. When can you be as calm and calm as your brother Lan and me? Xie Lan ate the meal and sighed. Old Xi glanced at him indifferently, not knowing what the past had come to mind, laughed, and did not speak. Xie Lan was taken a look at by him, a little guilty, so he cleared his throat and said, "Of course, it's normal for you to do this." "Uncle Xi, you really." Is it a fairy? Xie Tao didn't want to listen to Xie Lan at all. She looked at Lao Xi sitting opposite and asked cautiously. When Lao Xi looked at the girl's eyes full of curiosity, he smiled kindly, "As you can see." At that moment, Xie Tao suddenly saw that his whole body was scattered with pale golden air flow, dense circulation, like smoke, and his eyebrows and eyes, which seemed to be no different from those of ordinary middle-aged men, seemed to have a little more clear strength of character beyond the world. Xie Tao opened her eyes wide, and she never thought that one day she would be able to see a living immortal. She couldn't speak for a long time. What about you? After a long time,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Xie Tao looked at Xie Lan sitting beside Lao Xi. Like you, I am an ordinary mortal. Xie Lan poured himself a glass of water, took a sip, and answered. Is he an ordinary person? Xie Tao didn't quite believe it. But I saw you use your superpowers. "That's called magic." Xie Lan corrected her and then said, "Not only immortals can use magic, but also mortals can use magic with the help of spiritual instruments." Xie Tao's eyes lit up. "Can I see your spirit?" “…… Not allowed Xie Lan seemed to have been poked in some pain, especially when he saw the meaningful smiling face of Lao Xi next to him, he glared at Lao Xi and felt a little resentful. Xie Tao looked at him as if he was a little unhappy, so he didn't dare to ask again. But she suddenly remembered what old Xi had said that time, so she asked, "Uncle Xi, you said before that someone tied another person's fate to me. Can I ask who the person who was tied to me was?" When she said this, Lao Xi frowned gently. I don't know that yet. In the end, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Thyroid Powder Factory, that's all he said. So, who did this? Why does this man want to tie other people's fate to me? Why do you have to tie it to her? This is the most puzzling thing for Xie Tao. Lao Xi did not speak, but glanced at Xie Tao's cell phone on the table without any trace. Deep in his eyes, there seemed to be many emotions that were hard to see. Peaches. After a long time, Xie Tao heard him say, "You don't have to worry, this will never happen to you again." When Xie Tao left the pub, it was already more than eight o'clock in the evening. Inexplicably pulled into the door by Xie Lan, and inexplicably cooked a meal for the two of them, he only ate a piece of meat. But this time, Xie Tao finally figured out what this tavern actually does. On Xie Lan's way back, all the dark reflections were changing. She watched helplessly as all the scenery around her was restored again. What she stepped on was no longer a bluestone slab with a little moss, but a sidewalk with neatly arranged floor tiles. The shadow of the street tree next to her was stretched very long by the dim street lamp, and Xie Tao heard Xie Lan, who was walking beside her, talking about the origin of the tavern. The tavern opens late at night to welcome all the predestined people in the world. There are always people who are down and out, and there are always people who are in trouble. If they are lucky enough to break through the boundary and step into this small pub in the middle of the night, there is not only wine waiting for them, but also the innkeepers and employees who can help them out of the current quagmire. But those who are predestined are not necessarily good people. There are always people who harbor evil intentions, and there are always people who abandon goodness. If they are unfortunate enough to break through the boundary and step into this tavern late at night, there will still be wine and punishment waiting for them.
"There are too many punishment sets. There are 26 punishment modes for a total of 26 letters. Today is mainly a day off, otherwise you can open your eyes." This is Xie Lan's original words. Taverns, on the other hand, operate mainly to accumulate merit. Incense in the world is an important element to awaken an ancient God. Old Xi, as the servant of the God, has been doing such a thing. And the two couplets written by Xie Lan inside the door also had a good explanation. If the person who comes in is a good person, no matter what difficulties he encounters in front of him, when he enters the pub on the front foot and goes out on the back foot, everything will be solved. Of course, if it's a bad guy who comes in, isn't it predestined to send people thousands of miles away? Xie Tao never knew that there would be such a magical existence in this world. This is an age of science and technology. Gods and Buddhas seem to exist only in distant rumors forever. Few people will believe that there are really immortals in this world. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Xie Tao wouldn't have believed it. The universe is real. And God also exists. It's just that in today's world, the divine veins have withered, and they are no longer the realm of immortals. Xie Tao sat at the desk and read for a while, then unconsciously looked up at the half-open glass window. In the midsummer night, the stars all over the sky were shining with tiny light, and the cool night wind brushed her cheeks, bringing up strands of black light hair in her ears. I asked Uncle Xi today, and he didn't seem to know who the man who tied someone else's fate to me was. She picked up her cell phone and mentioned to Wei Yun what had happened today. I really wonder who is the unlucky person who has been tied up. Zhao Yixuan pinched me hard that day. According to Uncle Xi, I was pinched,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and he must have been pinched by the air. I was so hurt, and he must have been hurt badly for no reason, right? 。