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Female Forensic Examiner of Time Travel - Posted By Trentino (trentino) on 9th Dec 22 at 2:27am
"It can't be compared!" She said, frowning: "Everyone looks at things, and the view of others, are not the same, everything has its own good!"! But, in my heart, as long as Xu Qing one person is enough! "But after all, he used to." He hesitated to speak. Once was once! She said, taking a deep breath, with a smile on her lips. "I don't deny that everyone's present is built up from the past, but so what?"? Once upon a time, once upon a time, no longer exists! I only know the present and look at the future! He was stunned and stared at her again, feeling speechless. She held her breath, and when she raised her palms, she felt the strong heat lingering in and around her palms. She was so angry that she gave a loud shout, then spread out her palms and did not practice according to the method Yang Han had taught her. Yang Han said that the method, both the use of flying skills, somersault, flying jump, is equivalent to the practice in midair on the fierce red palm method. However, according to him, unless the flying skill has reached the point of perfection, and she, although she has been able to use the flying skill, but for a long time, it consumes a lot of physical strength, so she is steady horse step, turn around, step out, flying kick, but the pace is firm and steady, the style of the palm, she is also every palm produces strength, soft but strong,large ficus tree, hard and soft, both long and short. Yang Han stared at her practice, but after a while, he jumped out and fought with her. As soon as she came into contact with her strength, she was shocked. She had attacked him again and again. The moves, the palms, throwing, hanging, bumping, thrusting, and so on, all came out of her hands quickly. When she fought with her hands,artificial banyan trees, she felt that what she sent out was not only internal force, but also her own strength. This let him have half a moment of trance, recall the first time to see Si Chan played by the fierce red, although it is the power of the extreme sun, but Si Chan's body is mainly using flying skills, full of elegant, he was thinking, Si Chan is a woman, of course, will be more delicate in the style. But now in front of this woman, but contrary to Si Chan, completely melt into the fierce and decisive masculine spirit, the footsteps are steady as if they had fallen to the ground and taken root, the skills are agile, the movements are vigorous and rapid, and the palms are like tigers and cranes for a while, like dragons for a while, but there is a kind of calm and leisurely spirit. Moreover, between hand and hand, arm and arm, leg and leg, even he felt a little stuffy and unstable, but she was still as stable as Mount Tai. He was secretly surprised and had to restrain his mind to take her palm, but in a flash, outdoor ficus tree ,silk olive tree, he saw her kick over, he was startled, unable to dodge, was kicked heavily to the ground, chest pain and. What's the matter with you? She closed her hands, stood up straight, air pressure Dantian, staring at him, "fortunately I did not use all my strength, otherwise, you will not die?"? If you don't work hard, you don't have to practice with me! He laughed out loud, a face of pain, but is both ridiculous and helpless: "Who did you just learn from?" She grinned, but remained standing. "Curious?" He grinned, too, still in pain. What I just played was the move of Nanquan, just turning the fist into the palm. "She raised her eyes:" When I learned Taekwondo before, the teacher taught me the move, but I didn't understand it completely at that time. Now, I try to use it to apply the internal force of Liechi Jue, and I don't know how powerful it will be! " "Have you learned martial arts before?" He narrowed his eyes and felt cheated.
"That's just Taekwondo!" She said, raising eyebrows, "with some brute force, learned some time, but, still not as good as my brother, catch a thief, deal with people who can't fight!"! But with you martial arts masters, I can't even touch a three-legged cat! He listened to her words, rather surprised: "You have a brother?" "Of course!" She said, "I have not only a brother, but also a father, a mother, a grandfather, a grandmother, a grandfather and a grandmother."! I didn't engage in family planning until I was born! My father and mother got married early, and of course they gave birth to a brother before me! "Oh!" He grinned again and stroked his chest. "How old were you before you came here?" “25!” She said, "Almost 30!" He was stunned for a long time before he smiled coldly. He was both angry and did not dare to be angry. "You picked up a big bargain!" "Uh-huh!" "What do you know?" She exhaled from her nostrils? A woman at thirty is a flower! He stumbled, almost fell, still holding his chest, but laughed in an instant, laughing can not be looked up! Her face collapsed and she stared at him, gnashing her teeth! At this time, he saw a pigeon flapping its wings, flying down and resting on his shoulder. Then he stopped laughing, caught the dove, took out a folded letter from his sleeve, and tied it to the dove's feet. What is this She went over. "Carrier pigeon?" "It's the carrier pigeon of my Tianming religion!" He said that with a wave of his hand, the pigeon flapped its wings and made a "snap" sound, and flew into the sky. Didn't you say you were looking for that Yan Ran? With the ability of Tianming religion, there will be a reply in less than three days! Listening to the sound of wings flapping, she could not help but be stunned, this sound?! She's heard it! Suddenly, a hazy scene flashed through her mind, the sound of flapping wings? So, at that time, she saw the Nanlie soldiers releasing pigeons? Homing pigeon? A message? This makes her suddenly startled, suddenly feel ashamed, that person hides so well, even if she said she had seen him, he has not yet done to her, this is why? Did he know she never saw him? No, no, no! She thought, shaking her head, with a vague feeling that something must be wrong! But she couldn't think of anything, and it was only a day since the army had set out. But, one day? Her sweat is cold straight down, if it is to use the carrier pigeon to report, I am afraid it will not take a day! "What are you thinking?" Yang Han looked at her, "I said there will be news soon, you can rest assured!"! It's getting dark. We should go back! "Yang Han," she ask in a calm voice,faux ficus tree, "how long does it take for that army to get from here to the enemy's camp?" "Less than half a day!" He said, "Why?" "What if it's a carrier pigeon?" "An hour or two or so!" Startled, she rushed out of the woods and back to the wounded area.