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Best supporting actress - Posted By Pisano (pisano) on 9th Dec 22 at 2:38am
He looked at Yuqi with an expressionless face, brushed her side and came in. After putting on his slippers, he quickly swept his eyes on the clean table and turned to look at her. "Didn't you have dinner?" May be a good family education, like his footsteps, his voice is also soft, will never disturb others, but very clear, with the cold and crisp jade strike. In other cases, it is likely that Yuqi will answer with "I am waiting for you", but this time Fang Yuqi is a self-abased and introverted girl, so she just smiled shyly and kept silent. Because of his personality, Gu Junling never talked much. Seeing her smile, he regarded it as acquiescence. He turned around and opened the refrigerator door directly, took out several fresh-keeping boxes, and quickly heated the food on the table one by one. Yuqi went to the kitchen to get chopsticks with a wink and returned to the table to hand him a pair. Gu Junling frowned, but did not take it, but turned around to get a new pair, and then pulled out the chair and sat down. She was stupefied, and then remembered that he was a neat freak. As far as she knows, people who suffer from cleanliness tend to be perfectionists. In addition, family education also plays an important role in this. Generally speaking,water filling machine, people with cleanliness are strict, old-fashioned and even cold because of their education, which makes them develop a character that is too trivial and meticulous, too old-fashioned and stubborn, lacking human feelings and flexibility. Even too much emphasis on regular work and rest and hygiene habits, all in good order, with Gu Junling's situation is very consistent. But she did not come here to change his almost pathological character,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but to make him like herself, so she tried her best to meet his high standards and demands. Thinking of this, she came to her senses and began to try to eat more vegetables and lean meat. Although this body is obviously malnourished, but the facial features mold is still OK, as long as you eat more to gain weight, and then pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, should also be a little beauty. Because neither of them spoke, the meal was very quiet and quick. After Gu Junling put down his chopsticks, he got up and began to clean up the dishes. Yuqi stood up hurriedly. "I'll do it. Uncle, you go to rest." When Fang Yuqi first saw Gu Junling at the age of twelve, she called him uncle, and she still calls him uncle, which has not changed. Gu Junling, however, as if he had not heard of it, water bottling line ,Vegetable oil filling machine, just quickly tidied up everything and went to the kitchen. Out of the corner of his eye, he seemed to catch a glimpse of something. He stopped and looked down at the blue flip-flops on Yuqi's feet. His delicate eyebrows wrinkled gently. "Don't wear these shoes. Your feet will become deformed over time." Yuqi just came a day, this slipper can only be the original Fang Yuqi himself to buy, but in any case this inexplicable blame does not have to carry, she was stunned after the reaction quickly answered yes. When Gu Junling came back from washing the dishes, her feet had changed into a pair of loose and comfortable cotton slippers. He took a look and said nothing. There was still no emotion on his face, and his voice was faint, but he asked another thing, "Have you done your homework?" The author has something to say: 1. Let's sum up the cute points of this villain. 。 First of all, he is very affectionate, like a woman, even her daughter as their own responsibility to bear down, for many years not to marry. Secondly, he is very responsible, both for the work and the other Yuqi. Third, he is very demanding of himself. He lives very tired but never shows it. He carries everything by himself. Anyway, I love him very much. Fourth, this has not been shown yet, but there will be some later, that is, his partner Yuqi and his colleagues and friends are all cold, but they are very gentle to the patient, so his heart should also be very soft.
Fifth, now not in the hospital can not see, but there will be behind, so tall and thin figure wearing a white coat with wire-rimmed glasses and expressionless cold temperament, simply too abstinence, all over the body is the same as the male God's aura ah!!! Although said so much, but I still prefer Uncle Han how to do QA Q, but Gu Junling do not know for Mao has the feeling of Z, may feel so that I am the only one. 2. This villain is not like the general attack except for his excellent business ability and responsibility. I am so sad. General attack, I'm wrong, I'll write you down, QAQ! In fact, that small blackboard is a meme, which will be mentioned later. As for how to use it, you can guess. And I'm actually not familiar with the field of doctors at all, so I looked up a lot of information and bothered a reader in this field all night. I really thank her for providing a lot of common sense and cute jokes, which will be written later. But, but there will certainly be some professional mistakes, some things I am not a professional will not be clear, unreasonable do not blindly believe, if in doubt, please consult professionals. I admit that I am just a layman. Please don't beat the brick too much. 3. Thank the beauties for their generous mines. !!! I love you so much! Is this a V congratulations? Water Color Long Throws a Mine Throwing Time: 2013-08-26 15:25:45 [Water Color Loves You ~ Also Loves Your Message QAQ] Jodycui threw a mine: 2013-08-26 16:25:52 [One more good man who doesn't talk but throws a mine!] If I throw a mine throw time: 2013-08-26 17:11:14 [See you again, drill hard into your arms ~ ~] Nan Qing threw a mine. Time: 2013-08-26 18:09:00 [Sister, I'm very upset to see you here to tell the truth. QAQ] Jimo threw a mine one by one. Time: 2013-08-26 18:44:54 [Mo Mo! Please continue to love me! I will love you!] Mrs. Xiao threw a grenade. Time: 2013-08-26 18:55:52 [Madam,water bottle packaging machine, madam is so generous, hugging your waist.] Chen domineering ~ threw a mine throwing time: 2013-08-26 19:00:18 [Chen Ge is really mighty, domineering and extraordinary shot is two].