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The whole entertainment circle is jealous of my sy - Posted By Chirimotaku (chirimotaku) on 6th Dec 22 at 2:01am
The producer had blue veins on his forehead, so Shen Yingying was beaten to death and quickly pulled her away. All the main creators are here, and the next step is the opening ceremony. The whole crew will burn incense together, praying for good luck in the opening ceremony and watching Changhong. After that, the whole crew took a group photo, the media took a few photos, asked a few questions, and basically finished work today. When the crew takes photos, they usually stand in the C position. If there is a big director, the big director can also stand in the C position. After ranking C, the others will stand in turn according to their ranking in the play. However, the ranking of "Silver Powder Family" is a bit difficult to handle. A total of four emperors were invited, and Kong Jin was the director. At that time, the drama team was somewhat embarrassed, and they did not know what to do. It is reasonable to say that Pei Yao-wen is both the emperor and the male protagonist, and there is certainly no problem in standing in the C position. Now the problem is that director Kong Jin is also here. Should we let the male host stand in the C position, or let the big guide stand in the C position? The drama team leader stood next to Pei Yao-wen and Kong Jin, his head almost scratched,rosmarinic acid supplement, and he really didn't know who to ask to stand in the middle first. And the two big brothers happened to be modest to each other. Here Pei Yaowen smiled modestly: "Director Kong, please." Kong Jin smiled and waved his hand: "You go, you go." The leader of the crew touched his head and broke the jar: "Wait for the two of them to be modest, who wins modestly, and the other stands in the middle.". The more the drama team leader thought about it, the more he felt that this method was feasible. At this moment,lycopene for skin, he especially wanted to give a compliment to his wit. It's just that the drama team leader didn't expect that accidents always happen inadvertently. At the moment when Pei Yaowen and Kong Jin were about to compete for the C position, a pink figure suddenly jumped between them. Shen Yingying shook her head and said naturally to a group of reporters: "Come on, let's shoot!" Everyone on the crew:.. The media hesitated to move, and a group of cameramen behind them did not even raise their cameras. Shen Yingying was very unhappy. "Aren't you clamoring to take pictures?"? What are you waiting for? Shoot quickly! Pei Yao-wen twitched the corners of his mouth and suppressed it with a business-like smirk, resisting the impulse to curse. The main creators at the scene all refrained from speaking. Lu Miaomiao silently stepped aside and took out a cup of yogurt to drink. This kind of big occasion, big group photo, Lu Miaomiao has long been not ready to join in the fun. She is an unknown cast of seven actors, at this time, if forced to go up, it may also cause the dissatisfaction of other creators, feel that she is too new to understand the rules. In the midst of the uproar, the producer stepped forward again. Producer: It's so hard for me, I'm almost depressed. The producer walked up to Shen Yingying and quietly apologized to Kong Jinxian, jujube seed powder ,ghana seed extract, who was on Shen Yingying's left: "Director Kong, the little girl is not sensible. Please forgive me." He turned around and apologized to Pei Yaowen on Shen Yingying's right: "Oh, the little girl just graduated and doesn't know the rules. You should guide her more in the future." Pei Yao-wen twitched again at the corners of his mouth and tried to purse his lips, fearing that if he was not careful, the fragrant greeting would blurt out. Shen Yingying got her wish and stood in the C position. She jumped happily several times. The formation of the group photo was finally arranged, but Shen Yingying's face was a little smelly on both sides. Once the photo shoot is complete, it's time for questions from the media. The media at the scene did not think it was a big deal to watch the scene of bustle, and took the initiative to ask Shen Yingying: "Hello, Miss Shen, what do you think of the role of Bai Yue in Silver Powder Family?"? After all, it looks very different from the white moon. How are you going to interpret it? What the reporter asked was very euphemistic, but all the people at the scene could understand it. This is to say: You are a bird-like young lady of the Republic of China like the heroine. You don't have any similar temperament. How are you going to act? Some people at the scene could not help laughing. I didn't expect Shen Yingying to be more straightforward. Shen Yingying proudly touched her head with her hand and said confidently, "I can't act. I've never acted before. It depends on the director's level. I'll act as the director tells me!" When Kong Jin suddenly heard this, his eyes widened and he felt his blood pressure soaring. Lu Miaomiao also almost spurted: It is estimated that Kong has directed the play for 20 years, but she has never seen such an actress. Reporters began to be stupefied, and then suddenly reacted: "I rely on, come up to play so big, so dare to say, treasure girl ah!"! Write it all down quickly.
The reporters were very excited and began to ask questions about Shen Yingying. A reporter grabbed the microphone: "Hello, Miss Shen!"! You just said you couldn't act, so how did you win the heroine in such a big production? The producer secretly said that it was not good. He felt that the direction of the question was developing into a bad place. Just as he was about to interrupt, Shen Yingying shook her head and answered nonchalantly: "Does this kind of thing still need to be fought for?"? If you want to do it, do it. When Shen Yingying finished, the scene was in an uproar. This kind of indifferent tone, hurt the hearts of all the actors, they are struggling for many years, only today, this little girl film, a graduation with top resources, but also in this mouth raving. Sure enough, another reporter immediately seized the opportunity, more sharp and straightforward: "The outside world said that Miss Shen got this play is hidden, the rules of ascension, I would like to ask Miss Shen, is it true?" Holding the microphone, Shen Yingying looked a little ugly: "I.." The producer was so frightened that he rushed forward and grabbed Shen Yingying's microphone. He took two big breaths and then said to the microphone: "Sorry, everyone. Today's interview time is up. This is the end of today's interview with the crew. Thank you for coming." The reporters didn't buy it: "How long has it been?" The reporter who just asked the question shouted: "At least let Miss Shen answer the question!" Other reporters quickly echoed: "Yes!"! Yes! At least finish answering this question! The producer waved his hand and dared not stay for a moment, pulling Shen Yingying away, leaving a bunch of indignant reporters at the scene. Lu Miaomiao shook his head, sighing with emotion what this was all about,pumpkin seed extract, and went back to get his bag. In the middle of the walk, I saw the producer, Shen Yingying and several assistants of Shen Yingying standing there in the corner. The producer pointed to several of Shen Yingying's assistants and scolded them: "What do you do to eat?"? Where did you die at the critical moment? I told you to follow Miss Shen and take good care of her so that she wouldn't talk nonsense! 。