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Escort Agency (6th Dec 22 at 2:11am UTC)
Fatty Qi put down his fishing rod and rubbed his hands with the kiwifruit and said, "Ha, this is actually a preliminary idea of mine. My good brother, you are also very business-minded. You just help me to give advice. You know, to put it bluntly, people like us who do grain business are buying low and selling high to earn a little price difference. For example, the north suffers a little disaster or something, and the harvest is not good." We these people will be from the south of the harvest place into the north to sell grain, and in addition to grain, there are actually a lot of things that can be tampered with, but before because the freight is too high, we are not interested, after a hard trip down the gross profit is low, not to mention, the key is that you do not know whether you can sell it after pulling it back, especially some things that are not suitable for storage, if no one is interested in it, it will be lost. But now that your logistics network has been completed, the first problem has been solved, leaving the second problem. Ha, I also found a solution not long ago. "Oh?"? Tell me about it. Zhang Daotou was also aroused by Fatty Qi's words. Fatty Qi's little eyes sparkled and two words came out of his mouth, "Reservation." "Huh?" "At present, I have joined some local businessmen in Qingyang who intend to open up foreign markets. Most of these people are confident about their own things and are very popular in the local area. But businessmen in other places are not sure whether these things will be able to maintain this heat after they flow to other places, so they generally do not purchase. In this case, we simply bypass these middlemen and sell them ourselves." Qi Guanyan took out a pamphlet from his pocket as he spoke. This is The curtilage man opened the pamphlet and was almost blinded by the four big characters "Taobao Groceries" on the cover. Then he flipped through it and found that each page had a related introduction. Taking Qingyang sweet potato as an example, it was written below that the spring water was irrigated, the red heart was sweet, pure natural and pollution-free, one catty of 100 Wen, one hundred catties of free postage, and ten catties of dried sweet potatoes were presented. Qi Guanyan proudly aside,wire nail machine manufacturers, "how, Taobao two words is not very eye-catching ah, this shopping is like to Amoy treasure, as long as you look, sure to find their favorite, early I plan to invest ten thousand two silver will be printed on this brochure one hundred thousand copies, distributed to Liangzhou everywhere, want people can go directly to the local big swallow mobile semicolon reservation, Pay half of the deposit, we deliver the goods to him from Qingyang, and then he pays the remaining half of the money. Otaku gasped, "good guy, this is just what age you actually started to play B2, big brother you are too fashionable, completely do not leave a way out for Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun." Fatty Qi added, "This one is just like that. Later, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Coil nail machine, I want to ask the painter to illustrate each item. But then the booklet will be twice as thick, and the printing cost will increase a lot. So I haven't decided yet. Oh, yes, our profit is mainly made by taking a 10% transaction fee for each transaction. Well, that may be a little high." But no way, who let us invest a lot in the early stage, after the transaction volume rises, the cost can be reduced appropriately. I think 5% to 7% is a more reasonable range. In addition, I have to pull you in this business. Your Dayan Mobile is the most important thing. After receiving the deposit, I will inform the buyer to deliver the goods here, and then the buyer will give you the goods to count. After confirming that there is no defect, deliver the goods to the buyer in the shortest possible time, and then sign for the final payment. Hey, this job is not easy. How about it? Are you interested? You don't have to pay for it. The main thing is that your semicolons may be a little tired. If you lose money in the end, it's mine. We get 37 points of the money we earn, and I get three and you get seven. It has to be said that Fatty Qi is still very interesting. At present, he suffers a little from this division method. However, his investment is mainly in publicity. Later, when Taobao's grocery reputation rises, this part of the investment will be reduced accordingly. On the contrary, Dayan Mobile needs to continue to invest in human and material resources. In general, this division is quite reasonable.
The curtilage male shook his head, "Do business, there are gains and losses, there is no reason to let you bear the loss alone, so, if the loss is divided into the proportion of our respective parts, in addition, I can draw a small place in the semicolon to Taobao groceries, hire a commissioner responsible for dealing with Taobao groceries related affairs, but also can be targeted to distribute your brochures." It doesn't matter if you don't get the brochure. If you have the intention to buy it, you can go directly to the semicolon of Dayan Mobile for consultation. That place will always have basic brochures, which is also convenient for buyers to pick up goods. Taobao groceries proposed by Fatty Qi is very interesting, a little bit of the prototype of the shopping station, but it is a pity that there are still at least hundreds of years to go before the network appears, but the success of Dayan Mobile's logistics network throughout Liangzhou has made Guanyan Qi keenly smell the business opportunities, as he said, the decline in transportation costs will greatly promote business circulation. Also indirectly gave birth to a Taobao groceries so advanced business model. At present, it is hard to say that Taobao groceries are lost or earned. After all, today's logistics costs and speed can't be compared with future generations. For example, the Qingyang sweet potato in the brochure before, the price is two to three times that of the local sweet potato. Even if someone buys it, it may be just to taste fresh. However, for other specialties whose value far exceeds the freight, they may be more popular. (Responsible editor, it seems that the square at the starting point has been blocked. Well, I hope it can be restored as soon as possible.) Chapter 558 year-end assessment. In any case, the Taobao groceries made by Fatty Qi are quite interesting, and the curtilage man is also curious about what Taobao groceries will look like in the future, and even if the future Taobao groceries are not very profitable,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, at least they can just bring more business to the Escort Agency, so he did not hesitate to accept the invitation of Guan Yan Qi and became the largest shareholder of Taobao grocery, while the rest of the specific operation. Fatty Qi will discuss with Liu Chuanfeng in the near future.
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