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Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise (9th Dec 22 at 12:39am UTC)
Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise
That night, after a good meal in the hotel, a man who looked like a housekeeper sent by a baron quietly asked his men to arrange it. The careful housekeeper saw that the old man was on his way without a maid. This was not in line with the travel habits of the big shots. He thought he had just come out of the army, so he was so simple. However, since you want to please this distinguished guest, then, this is their duty! The housekeeper has spent a lot of money. He thought, ordinary vulgar powder, the general who wears expensive clothes is afraid to look down on, then simply spend more capital. He sent someone to bring the most beautiful girl in the best romantic place in the city with a large sum of money. The housekeeper of the red card girl saw it with his own eyes. Sure enough, she had a slender waist and long legs. Her chest was undulating. What's more, the girl had a bit of alien blood. Her skin was whiter than that of an ordinary Byzantine woman, but her eyes were rare amber. Such an excellent product. It was given to the general who looked very rude and uncivilized, which made the housekeeper feel sorry for a while. The beautiful girl was dressed up and sent to Shaya's room. The details of what happened are not known. However, a few minutes after the girl was sent into the room, he suddenly heard a scream from the general in the room. Ghost!!!! Then with two bangs,Steel racking system, the girl screamed and rushed out of the door. Her originally enchanting face and a pair of eyes like autumn water were imprinted with two fist marks. She became a kind of animal named "panda" which was said to be abundant in the distant east. Then she saw Shaya rush out with a blanket wrapped around her body and a fire fork in her hand. She rushed out of the door and shouted angrily, "Where is the man?"! Where are the people? ! What about the ghost who attacked me? !!” Where has that woman ever seen such a battle? Although she is not a national beauty, but in such a small place is also a first-class beauty, even the Lord of this territory, the Baron has visited himself! Seeing the man carrying a sword-like weapon in his hand, he rushed out with a murderous look on his face. The beautiful woman turned pale with fright. She had already been punched twice on her face. She screamed and rolled down the stairs directly. More than ten steps,Cantilever Storage rack, when the beautiful woman landed, her delicate face swelled into a pig's head and even her arm was broken. Then he climbed up without help, screamed all the way out of the hotel door, and left in panic. The steward, who was waiting in the hall, saw the guest rush out so angrily that he hurried forward to inquire. Fuck! I drank some wine and went back to my room to sleep. In a daze, a pair of hands came up. Lao Tzu opened his eyes and saw that it was such an ugly thing! I thought I was having a nightmare. Like a ghost! "Xia Ya gave a loud peep and shook his head forcefully:" It's all right! I'm quick to react ! The female ghost opened her mouth to bite me. I'll just give her two punches. Housekeeper: After explaining eventually, the thing made clear, but Xia Ya is very indignant: "Too bully a person!"! I didn't ask you to get a woman to accompany me. Now that you have arranged it, if you do it carelessly, I will accept it. But do you think I am easy to fool with such a woman who looks like a ghost? !” The housekeeper grimaced and said, heavy duty warehouse rack ,radio shuttle racking, "This general, please calm down. She is really the most beautiful girl we can find in this city. She is just now.". Well, make a very disrespectful remark. Even the most beautiful wife of our baron's family is somewhat inferior to this girl in appearance. Xia Ya listened, stared at the eyes, the anger on his face suddenly disappeared, sighed very much, patted the housekeeper on the shoulder, the tone is very pity: "It seems that your baron, life is also very bitter ah" small! Say !txt! God . Don Chapter 111 [bad luck]. "Sir, there seems to be something wrong with your behavior. We came here first." A man from the other side watched Shaya come in.
There was an expression of disapproval on his face. The man was about thirty years old, relatively short and thin, but he looked very strong. He wore a winter leather robe, an emerald ring on his thumb, a clean beard on his lips, but his eyes were a little gloomy. Xia Ya looked at this guy and laughed. "They are all away from home. Since you have a room but you don't seem to want it, you might as well give it to me. Anyway, there are only three of us, and a yard is enough to live in." Say, Shaya winked directly at Soyt, and Soyt immediately took out a gold coin from his bosom and threw it to the shopkeeper, who, with his hands and a happy face, was about to answer. But suddenly he saw the extremely gloomy faces of the Lantis people next to him, and he hesitated. Your Excellency. The other of the two Landis who were consulting with the boss spoke, and his face was covered with a kind smile, and his face was chubby and somewhat friendly. He was dressed more carefully than the other thin man, and the collar of the silk jacket was exposed under the leather robe, and he carried a whip in his hand. Shaking at random, he said with a smile, "Anyway, after all, we are talking first. We have a few more people. This courtyard is not enough to live in, but it is settled first. I just ask the boss to find a way to vacate two more rooms. Do you want to find another one?" As he spoke, he suddenly reached out his hand and gently took the gold coin from the boss's hand. Although their movements seemed casual, they were very quick. As soon as their fingers were clipped, the gold coin was already in his hand before the boss came to his senses. With a smile on his face, the man put the gold coin back into Soyt's hand. As soon as Xia Ya's heart moved,warehouse rack manufacturer, he couldn't help being a little curious: this guy's action of paying money is so quick, if he goes to do Goldfinger, he won't starve to death! Shaya snorted. He looked at the two men coldly. He didn't have much good impression of the Lantis people in his heart. He frowned at the boss. "The shop is yours. What do you say?" 。
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