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Rogue Masters of Online Games (9th Dec 22 at 12:40am UTC)
Rogue Masters of Online Games
Xia Feng's action made the enhanced White Nightmare very angry, so the enhanced White Nightmare, who was about to raise his hands to attack, suddenly saw Xia Feng's Yuhuang Sword pointing at the cursed Dark Knight, and the attack of the explosive sprint made Xia Feng's body sprint away strongly. Boom 'Ow.. ' -5623 A huge damage value appeared, but the ability to strengthen the White Nightmare just wanted to play but did not come out, on the contrary, it rushed to the position of the summer wind, as if to stop the summer wind. The latter smiled, Xia Feng concluded that this fellow is definitely a monster with IQ, because timidity is also a manifestation of IQ, human beings will appear all kinds of emotions because IQ is too high, on the contrary, if you want to judge whether a monster has IQ, you have to rush to the conclusion of this aspect, and a little more Xia Feng is very sure. Can a monster with more than one hundred levels be the same as those animals? This is the city of high monster knights, so the monsters here are definitely intelligent. Chapter 482 rapid upgrade. Chapter 482 rapid upgrade. "If you don't give in, I'll kill it!" Xia Feng's Yuhuang Sword is suffused with purple awn. He has prepared the dazzling chop on Yuhuang Sword. As long as he sees that the situation is not good, Xia Feng will attack the knight immediately. Beauty is not a disaster on the moment "confused" "confused", because she does not know what Xia Feng means at this time, Xia Feng eldest brother why to use the Dark Knight as a bargaining chip? What the hell is going on here? The next moment,long span shelving, an incredible thing happened, the intensified white nightmare suddenly came to the front of the summer wind, waving his hands, chirping, and waving his hands, as if pleading for something. When Xia Feng saw this, he was even more sure of his judgment. He smiled and said, "If you don't want to die,Narrow aisle rack, just let us out!" After hearing the words of the summer wind, the strengthened white nightmare stopped praying in an instant, but looked at the dark knight under the sword of the summer wind in a dilemma. The summer wind was also very nervous at this time. If the strengthened white nightmare was not as he had imagined, he would surely die here. The strengthened white nightmare of level 110 was not something that the summer wind could deal with at all, unless there was a holy priest. But now on their own and beauty is not a curse, and even if there is a priest to one or two also can not play much role, after all, is more than 100 levels of monsters rather than now the players play those 50 or 60 levels of small monsters ah. So the summer wind is very nervous now, he must succeed, because as long as the strengthening of the white and their own confrontation, the death is absolutely their own, because they can not attack each other, but the dark knight himself can attack, because it will not move, Pallet rack upright ,Industrial pallet rack, so the hit is relatively 100%, as long as their super skills. This knight is not dead and disabled, so now Xia Feng is going to bet on the IQ of this enhanced white nightmare. Time seems to be frozen, if the enhanced white nightmare does not cooperate with the summer wind, then what will happen? If the cooperation is naturally happy, the beauty is not a disaster to see that the enhanced white nightmare actually has its own expression can not help but be surprised. How did Brother Xia Feng know about its weakness? Did it appear to protect the Dark Knight? It would be great if it was that simple. Finally, the enhanced white nightmare chirped a few times or nodded slowly, and then walked up to the dark knight, do not know what chirp said a few words, and then suddenly turned into a white light, whoosh, a white light instantly poured into the dark knight's head. At first, the black fog on the dark knight's head gradually disappeared and was replaced by the white light, which shocked the summer wind and the beauty. Ah After the Dark Knight was blessed by the enhanced White Nightmare, he became irritable in an instant, but his whole body was filled with red "color" energy, and his hands were pulling the chains tied to the pillars. Summer wind subconsciously back, at this time to strengthen the white nightmare has disappeared, or has entered the body of the dark knight inside, as for the other summer wind regardless, immediately and beauty non-disaster water back to the edge of the stone room to observe the actions of the knight inside.
He has been roaring, angtian roar, and both hands constantly pulling the chain on the body, Xia Feng was surprised to find that he actually pulled the chain one centimeter thick trembling slightly, look, is that the chain one centimeter is not the thickness of the chain itself. Ah! Boom A burst of strong red "color" gas came to my face, and the Yuhuang bone wings of the summer wind unfolded in an instant, enveloping myself and the beauty in it. Boom! -2376 A terrible number appeared, the shock wave did not hit Xia Feng's body at all, and then even so, he still appeared more than two thousand damage, it is estimated that if you do not use Yuhuang Bone Wing, it is a second kill. Think all feel afraid, and that shock wave seems to want to flatten the summer wind on the wall, the pressure is so great that the summer wind almost vomits blood. Such as the shock wave slowly disappeared, such as the energy disappeared after the summer wind slowly spread his Yuhuang bone wings, while the beauty is not a disaster water is standing in place looking at a heavy armor soldier in the middle of the stone room in amazement. Now its body has turned into a silver-gray "color" armor, holding a pike and a knight's shield, the whole looks very coordinated. This should be the knight who touched the seal, right? "Thank you, brave warriors of the other world, thank you for saving me." The knight turned to the summer wind and the beauty and said. The two men looked at each other strangely, and then saw the consternation in each other's eyes, and Xia Feng did not expect to encounter such a thing. The knight was in heavy armor. He hadn't walked for a long time. As soon as he moved a step, he got stuck. His whole body felt a little stiff. He laughed and said, "I haven't walked for thousands of years, but I can't even walk. You don't have to be afraid. I'm not the Dark Knight before,heavy duty racking system, so you can rest assured." Only at this time did Xia Feng know to probe with the eye of Yu Huang. Holy Knight lv98 Second-class citizen of the Knight City, belonging to a relatively friendly lineage, with a very understanding mood. Life value is unknown. Skill unknown. Weakness unknown.
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