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Movie Queen Couple's (9th Dec 22 at 12:43am UTC)
Movie Queen Couple's
Su Wan nodded seriously, "This is what you should have, originally you fell," she thought about it and added, "I listen to Ah Zhi's words, if I am angry, let Ah Jia fight them." She seemed to think of something and clapped her hands happily. "Ah Jia, they are very powerful, so you can't sit here and covet my Ah Zhi now." As if she had thought of an excellent idea, she looked expectantly at Qin Zhi. Qin Zhi eyebrow tip corner of the eye is smiling, touched her hair, sincerely coax her, "good ~ next time to do so ~ huh?" The people around him were even more afraid to speak. Ma Da! So ferocious. They really believe that Sue didn't do it! Ture! Wait! The people around them realized later that they seemed to have been shown off! Do not like the lover to be jealous, Su Wan's order to be jealous. Chirp! Chirp! We don't eat this dog food! Even the male and female protagonists with several bodyguards are stagnant, but there is a flash of envy in their eyes. Christina shook and closed her eyes, and her eyes were not reconciled. All right, keep shooting! Adrian impatiently picked up the trumpet, this means also dare to take to his crew, when others are fools? This woman is flattered by the praise on the Internet during this period of time, and she doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth! It's a pity that the flower shirt is so stupid that it can't be played. It's a pity that the breasts and buttocks are so fat. Christina had a good time this time. The doctor next to him came over quickly, pressed his wife's face and buried it in his chest, and touched his wife's hair with heartache. Apologize gently, "I'm sorry, madam is dizzy with blood." Is there anyone fainting blood in the end of the world? Christina looked down on her, but without saying anything,gold heap leaching, she got up and was ready to go, but she accidentally saw her wife's hands sticking out of her black nails. Black? Christina opened her eyes wide in horror and tried to scream. Before he could make a sound, he felt something hit him, and his eyes turned over and he fainted. The doctor raised the doctor's wife's head. She didn't care about her dark complexion at all, and spoiled her with a gentle kiss on the corner of her mouth. Be good and wait for me for a while. "Wait!" The doctor's wife made a sound in her throat. The director gestured for a close-up. What's the matter? The doctor's voice was still gentle, but there was a little madness in his eyes when he turned his back to his lover. She must die. He won't allow anyone to threaten her. The doctor's wife knows that the doctor doesn't care about the world, only about her character, and she knows what happened to Ally. Sent to the laboratory by all countries, she clearly knows that this has nothing to do with ordinary people, but can not help but not resent. As a zombie, she knew that she was no longer a human being who could not help longing for flesh and blood, but could not pass the psychological barrier. Her eyes were full of sorrow. She did not know whether she was a person or a zombie, and what to do. But her nature is good. Know the innocence of the people in front of you, small gold wash plant ,gold CIP machine, so you will hesitate and struggle. Her black lips trembled and she closed her eyes. "It's all right. Be careful." Humanity, humanity! She finally chose herself, after all, she is just an ordinary person, with the cowardice and selfishness of ordinary people. Doctor and Doctor's wife, these two roles, likable must be the doctor, who does not want a man who only loves himself and can destroy everything for himself? The role of the doctor's wife is very contradictory. She is not perfect and has the shortcomings of ordinary people. She may not be as likable as the doctor, but she is more complex and human than the doctor. Next play. Christina looked jealously at the woman in the corner, who was held in the palm of her hand by the precious man. The role image of the doctor's wife is obviously a blonde beauty, but when she came to the audition, she was rejected, why? In terms of fame, she is a sugar baby who is popular all over the United States. In terms of acting skills, her agent 007 is popular all over the world. She bit her lip, still unwilling, saying that the man was a member of the ancient Oriental family. If it was her with him. Unfortunately, she forgot that it was Agent 007, not her, who was popular all over the world. In the corridor, looking at the precious man coming towards her, Christina could not help pulling her hair, and her heart beat faster. The woman here is not here.
Qin Zhi looked closer and closer without squinting, and Christina straightened her towering jade peak, twisting her slender waist step by step. The man didn't seem to see it. When they are about to pass by. Christina bit her lip, at the foot of a twist, charming red lips slightly open ah, enchanting posture of the delicate fall to Qin Zhi, a pair of eyes sparkling with helplessness. So what if the plot is old-fashioned? It is believed that few people in the world are willing to refuse the help of such a beautiful woman. As he was about to fall into his arms, a smile appeared on the man's face, and Christina's eyes were filled with joy and satisfaction, and she knew that no one could refuse her charm. Unfortunately, the truth is totally different from what she thought. Qin Zhi walked with his long legs, thinking of the lovely appearance of his baby who was becoming more and more clingy recently, the corners of his mouth could not help rising, and his calm eyes were filled with a sense of tenderness. Until I felt a lump of meat upside down next to me. Still did not wait for the bodyguard movement behind, Qin holds the eyes to congeal, raises the long leg one foot to kick past. There is no pity at all. Boom! What a loud voice. The bodyguard in the back twitched the corners of his mouth and knew it would happen. I haven't seen such a lack of self-knowledge in a long time. I'm really in a hurry to die. Hit the wall with a thud. The twisted bun fell down. Christina covered her chest and curled up in the corner with pain, unable to move. She was so embarrassed that she couldn't see the beauty at all. A Jia, teach her well. Qin Zhi's eyes twisted, he could not tolerate anyone to destroy him and his baby, this is his bottom line. What if his baby gets angry? Too bad there are always people that stupid. Qin Zhi narrowed his eyes,sodium cyanide price, completely without the gentleness and softness in her impression. Christina's upturned mouth turned into a mass of fear before it had completely fallen. What to do? Chapter 34 underbelly black boss. "Attention, passengers. Attention, passengers." 。
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