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Search-Shenji (9th Dec 22 at 12:43am UTC)
"Get up," said the Chixia Fairy lightly. Pianbuxing, dragging Tuo Ba Ye three people from the black ice iron cable suspension bridge. The bridge swayed and tinkled, and a hot and burning air went straight to the top of the head. Suddenly there was a strange roar like stormy waves at the bottom of the rift valley. Tuo Ba Ye looked down and saw flames flaming in the rift valley. Countless snakes and scorpions were entangled and twisted, wriggling densely. Dozens of huge fire pythons suddenly shot up like arrows. The long letter rolled and danced, as if trying to roll them down, but it could not be stopped. They fell in the air, and the roar became louder and louder. The four of them crossed the suspension bridge, went straight into the cave, and walked inside. Dozens of guards followed closely, and the black ice iron gate closed tightly with a "clang" sound. The hearts of the four men suddenly tightened, and the two rows of flames on the wall of the cave suddenly darkened, jumping and running again. The front is deep and tortuous, jumping and jumping, with uncertain light and shade. In a flash, four people in the heart flashed a trace of loss and chill. Did they take a shortcut? Or did you fall into the trap? But at this time there is no turning back, even if the front is the underworld ghost temple, also only desperate to rush. The wall of the cave is uneven, the light and shadow jump; the sound of footsteps, the echo is loud. In the cave, one man at five paces and one sentry at ten paces were full of very strong and fierce soldiers. When they saw the Chixia fairies prostrating themselves one after another. The black ice iron gate in front opened one after another, and in a twinkling of an eye it passed through six gates as thick as two feet. Tuo Ba Ye and Chi You watched carefully as they walked,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, keeping in mind all the gates and routes they passed. About every two hundred paces, there was a two-foot-thick black ice iron gate, and each gate was guarded by twenty strong guards. Every few feet on both sides of the cave wall, there was a deep cave separated by the Xuanbing iron pole. There must be a very fierce beast in the cave. When he heard the footsteps of all the people, he immediately roared and rushed to the front of the Xuanbing iron pole, jumping and hissing. Fiery smoke stone bowed his head and kept silent, his pale face was expressionless, and he walked all the way like a walking corpse. One of the guards stepped forward quickly,30ml dropper bottle, bent down to accompany him, and said respectfully, "Fairy, where are these important criminals being held?" "They're in the same group as Zhurong and Lieyan," said the Red Cloud Fairy. "Lock them up together and deal with them together after tonight's celebration." The guard answered repeatedly, leading the way in front of them, and led them in a zigzag way to the depths of the mountainside. With a loud clang, the black ice iron door closed behind him one after another. After a while, the cave became wider and brighter. After passing through a black ice iron gate, the four of them came to a huge hall. There were two corridors on each wall of the hall, which extended deeply. In the hall sat more than a hundred strong guards. When they saw the Red Clouds Fairy, they quickly stood up and saluted. The four of them followed the guard to the west side of the corridor, which was narrow enough for only one person to pass through. The walls of the corridor were covered with black and smooth black ice and iron, which shone with dazzling white light in the light. The Red Cloud Fairy suddenly put away the light belt and escorted the three men inside with the guard. See is about to see ravaged and fierce inflammation, four people in the heart can not help but nervous, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, determined to see as long as the blessing of Vulcan and fierce inflammation, then immediately rescue them, fight out of the tight encirclement. The guard suddenly stood still and said respectfully, "Here we are." Then the man stood still in the narrow corridor. The guard patted the wall with his hand. The hollow voice was clear and loud. Somehow, a strong sense of foreboding suddenly rose in Tuo Ba Ye's heart, and his hair suddenly stood up all over his body. Was about to remind three people, suddenly a Rin, dazzling, the top of the head seems to have a huge force suddenly pressed down! Then suddenly the ground was empty, the fall was too late to prevent, and immediately fell down; a flower in front of his eyes, hearing the cry of Chi You and others, his heart was shocked, and immediately pulled up and jumped, but it was too late! As soon as he hit the cold and hard black ice wall, his skull seemed to burst open, and the pain hit his heart and fell heavily to the ground. Surprised and angry, Tuo Ba Ye suddenly turned over and jumped up. His eyes were focused on the fire. He looked around and saw that it was dark all around. He could vaguely see that the six walls of the small room were integrated into one, which turned out to be a large box without any gap. When he flicked his fingers, there was a loud and crisp sound, which was full of black ice and iron walls more than two feet thick. Suddenly I heard someone laughing and saying, "You four have worked hard. Liebi Guangsheng has been waiting for you for a long time." The voice was kind and kind, as if it was stirring in my ears.
Tuoba ambition suddenly sank, and finally was the old crafty fierce Biguang Sheng waiting for a red-handed! In a flash, frustration, regret, fear and anger were mixed in my heart. With a loud shout, I pulled out the broken sword, exploded the True Qi all over my body, and cut it heavily on the black ice iron wall. There was a loud and crisp sound, sparks splashed everywhere, but the black ice and iron wall was unscathed. He took a step back and sat down on the ground, feeling cold in his heart, as if he had fallen off a bottomless cliff in an instant. He blamed himself and regretted that he could not slap himself in the face. He thought he was smart, but compared with this wily traitor, he was too far away. Every step of his plan fell into the calculation of Liebi Guangsheng; he took advantage of their eagerness for quick success and instant benefit without a single soldier, and captured them all with only a corridor mechanism! Then I heard Liebi Guangsheng say with a smile, "Fairy Chixia, as a saint, you have colluded with foreign thieves to steal the Holy Grail.". Now the Holy Grail is on you, and it's stolen and stolen. Wait until tonight after the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the gods, Liemou will ask the elders to give you a break. Suddenly he laughed and said, "Yes!"! If you don't live through tonight and are punished and executed by Chiyan Mountain God, there's no need to do so. As soon as his voice fell, there was a buzzing noise, like the voice of the Chixia Fairy, which seemed to be mixed with the roar of Chiyou, but it was blurred and could not be heard clearly. Tuo Ba Ye was angry and angry, thinking that it was only more than an hour away from the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the gods,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and Qianqian was about to be thrown into the volcano by the group of traitors as a sacrifice. As if she had been hit by a heavy hammer, she jumped up in fear and grief. She hissed and roared, and tears could not help flowing out.
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