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Heroes of the world (9th Dec 22 at 2:27am UTC)
Only then did Lin Xiuhua stop pouting and laughing, and reached into her bosom and took out a pink jade vase with a little nail peach to make a strong'ecstasy '. Still put the pink jade bottle into the bosom, the two sisters looked at each other and smiled, hand in hand to the right side of the room to see, only to see the fan is pacing in the room. Sleeping on the bed, Leng Zixia still has no disorderly expression, but her face is better than the morning glow, her color is better than flowers, her beautiful expression and shy posture fully show that the "poisonous ambergris" has played a wonderful role. The reason why Leng Zixia is not yet disorderly may be that she is carrying out a kind of kungfu silently, and is struggling to consume True Qi and suppress it forcefully? Lin Xiuhua had a bad intention, so she took the opportunity to approach the table. When she turned around and paced in the fan of God, she lifted the lid of the teapot and quickly threw the strong'magic soul 'hidden in her fingernails into the tea. Then he put the lid on the teapot and slowly left the table. He looked at the magic fan who was turning around and pacing with his hands behind his back and said with a smile, "Young Villa Leader!"! You see, it's past noon. Have a cup of tea and go to bed. And then he left. The fan of God poured a cup of tea and sent it to his mouth, still pacing in the room with his hands behind his back. After a while, I suddenly felt elated and dizzy, and a fire of desire rushed from bottom to top, which was very difficult to endure. Suddenly, he turned around and staggered in front of Leng Zixia's bed with his hands open and rushed forward! Leng Zixia has been poisoned for more than half a night and a day. At first, I can still try my best to open my star eyes, but later I can't. He felt that his whole body was limp and sour, and his limbs were weak and numb. He could only silently move the True Qi of one Qi and two instruments to protect the heart orifices and prevent the poisonous ambergris from attacking the heart,faux grass wall, so he was not confused. Leng Zixia closed her eyes tightly and lay quietly, where she knew that the magic fan had lost the reason of self-control by taking the strong "magic soul" by mistake, so that she was burning with desire and animalistic. She had torn her clothes into pieces and thrown them on the ground, and was turning around and throwing her hands at her. Press not to watch for the moment. It is said that the old man who chases the clouds, the dragon girl who turns over the river, Leng Hongxia, the old and the young, and Milizhu and his wife,silk ficus tree, who are wonderful Mandarin ducks, left Jiuling Mountain Village and hurried forward. In the dog days of summer, the sun is high and sultry. Most of the routes are rugged mountain paths, and there are many places to enjoy the cool summer along the way, but in order to move forward, the two old and one young have to endure the pain of steaming people in the heat. Leng Hongxia, a girl of fourteen or fifteen years old, was born with an impatient mood and a strong character. In this regard, he hid his whereabouts and identity everywhere and avoided making trouble from time to time. Naturally, he felt distressed and lonely, so he had to move forward quickly. The old man who chases the clouds and the dragon girl who turns over the river know that Leng Hongxia is in love. S45 and one day ahead is one day close to Qionglai Mountain. In order to prevent Leng Hongxia from performing her flying skills from time to time and attracting people's attention, so as not to be discovered by the people of Qionglai Mountain in advance and increase the disturbance, she made a detour to a town of Huamuoji and came to a place where mules and horses were sold. Leng Hongxia also did not know where to learn the method of looking at horses, but bought two horses that were about to fall down when the wind blew, emaciated and crimson. Although the old man who chased the clouds and the dragon girl who turned over the river knew that the two thin red horses chosen by Leng Hongxia were of good breed, outdoor palm trees ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, they were probably two sick horses that could not be cured. At that time, in order not to disappoint Hongxia, he did not say it. So the two elders each chose a tall gray mule as their mount. Who would have thought that after bargaining, the price of the horse was still higher than the price of the mule, and after the old man paid, he matched the horse and mule fittings. Leng Hongxia seemed to be impatient, stepping on a bony crimson horse, holding a wind blowing crimson horse in her hand, and galloping towards the end of the town. The old man who chases the clouds and the dragon girl who turns over the river have no choice but to step on the gray mule and run forward! When Leng Hongxia was riding a horse for the first time, she naturally felt comfortable, so she exchanged two horses halfway and found that her feet were very fast, and she was very happy! Turned around and saw that Grandpa and Grandaunt were riding two tall mules and then hurried. It seemed that the feet of the two healthy mules were not as good as those of the sick horses. Leng Hongxia really felt happy. Two old and one young three imperial mule gallop forward dozens of miles, solid hot weather, in a shady place, respectively, stop galloping! Leng Hongxia seemed to take great care of the tall and thin red horse she was riding. After dismounting, she was busy untying the saddle and leading it to the place where the spring was clear and the grass was luxuriant, so that the horse could drink water and eat grass by itself.
The old man who chases the clouds and the dragon girl who turns over the river know that Hongxia has two mounts to kill the long-distance loneliness and fatigue, which relatively reduces the psychology of causing trouble and seeking trouble, and the two old men are naturally happy. The two elders were resting under the shade of a tree when they heard an exclamation from the rosy clouds! As soon as the two elders looked, they saw that the two red horses on which Hongxia was riding were lying on the grass, foaming at the mouth and panting. "Grandpa!" Cried Hongxia! Grandmother! Come on! Both horses have fallen ill. What shall we do? The two old men approached the place where the two red horses were lying down. The two horses could not see any other symptoms except that they were lying still with their heads held high and their mouths foaming and panting. Erlao has rich experience in Jianghu and can diagnose and treat common hair pathogens of mules and horses, but in this case, he is helpless. It happened that an old herbalist came over ringing the bell. "Hey!" Said the old herbalist, calling out to the old herbalist! Can you diagnose and treat horse diseases? When the old herbalist heard this, he took out a white cloth signboard and unfolded it near the wind, only to see the words "Hua Tuo is reborn." "Benevolence and benevolence, living people and living animals," is written on both sides. "Other herbalists often say, 'It's easy to cure a man, but it's hard to cure a horse.'" I, Sai Hua Tuo, am a little different. I have been treating people and horses for decades. I always treat dead horses as living horses. I don't know how many dead people I have treated, nor how many dead horses I have treated. Heavenly cycle, life and death, life and death, reincarnation has a fixed number, human beings are the soul of all things, although easy to plant the root of blessing, but also easy to create evil fruit, so it is far more difficult to save human life than to exchange for animal life. So if you ask me, Sai Hua Tuo, to diagnose and treat horse diseases, I'm still more confident than treating human diseases. However, if I don't go to the market for three days, and if I go to the market for three days, I have to pay five yuan in gold and silver first, and then one or two yuan in gold for medicine. It is guaranteed that the medicine will cure the disease. If it does not work, I,large palm trees for sale, Sai Hua Tuo, this black-letter signboard, will be given away without taking a penny. 。
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