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A big country has no boundaries (9th Dec 22 at 2:31am UTC)
At this point, Chuikov quickly returned to the original question, he is not God, obviously not clear whether the German Army Group Center will focus on Saransk must be taken before continuing the attack, or will complete the siege and then organize forces to bypass. At one stroke, the Soviet forces between Nizhny Novgorod and Saratov were cut off, so he could only analyze and speculate on the duration and depth of the German attack. Considering the tenacious defense of the Soviet Army, the pace of the war will be like the battle for cities that the two sides have repeatedly fought before. Repeated attacks and defense, unlike encounters, require the German army to attack the two sides that are not arranged in echelons. It would take several hours just to mobilize a regiment of troops from the rear to the front line, and taking into account the excellent quality of the Germans, it would take about four hours for an artillery regiment to have a column length of about 20 kilometers and a deployment speed of 12 minutes per kilometer. If the quality is worse or even worse, it will take longer. Moreover, considering that the combat troops were deployed at a long distance before contact with the enemy, and then slowly approached and exchanged fire, the March of more than ten kilometers took a long time,digital signage kiosk, which is why the German Army liked to start mobilizing artillery and combat troops to the enemy's front in the middle of the night. The duration of fire assault or fire preparation against the enemy after artillery priority deployment often depends on the strength and depth of the enemy's defense. In fact, a large part of the reason is to buy time for combat troops to engage the enemy. If the firepower preparation is insufficient, the enemy will suddenly give the combat troops a firepower attack, and the loss will be heavy. Therefore, the German army is also people, not steel,interactive whiteboard prices, they need to mobilize troops and replenish supplies in the middle of the night. Attack is organized during the day, and even tough people will be physically tired. Therefore, in a daytime combat arrangement, there will be at most three hours and no more than five hours of attack time. If it is longer, it is obvious that there is more than one attacking force, and that many forces are alternately organizing the attack. Similarly, for the troops with poor mobility, the mobilization of troops and the organization of attacks are slower, and the seemingly simple high-intensity attacks in turn actually require very complicated and precise scheduling and organizational arrangements, which is what Chuikov is most worried about, because the German Army Central Group can be described as "soldiers". They are fully capable of chain-like sustained attacks, wave after wave, thermal imaging camera ,facial recognition thermometer, the intensity may not be too high, but the victory lies in the sustainability, which is the real test for the defensive forces. In addition to actively organizing echelon defense and rotation defense, the best way is to take the initiative to break the German offensive tactical rhythm, but is it possible? Chuikov dreamed that he could have one or more armored forces, which could threaten the German offensive defense through real-time moderate local counter-attack, disrupt the German offensive rhythm and destroy its offensive echelon arrangement, and if the assault was strong enough, it might even br e dominoes to the German column offensive deployment. Because the German troops are arranged according to the scheduled plan, rashly disrupting the rhythm, it is obviously difficult for the troops in the back of the queue to form a defense in a timely and effective manner, and it is even more difficult for the troops disrupted by the interpenetration to organize counterattacks and counter-interpenetration in a timely manner. Let own big bore artillery troops look longingly.
Unfortunately, Chuikov's dream was gone after he woke up, and the German army had experienced so many war tests that there was still no large-scale defeat, but had achieved good results again and again, because they took into account their weaknesses, the echelon arrangement of the attack took into account not only the rhythm of the attack, but also the defense. Coupled with the greater mobility advantage of the German army, often the counterattack troops did not form a strong counterattack effect, but were completely surrounded by the German army's circuitous division of the troops, after a wanton bombing and repeated attacks, the counterattack troops were hanged alive. Therefore, Chuikov, who did not have a strong counterattack force at all, could only put his dream on hold for the time being. He had to size up the situation and make it clear that the current situation was a serious disadvantage for the Soviet Army. The German Army, which had taken the initiative, could organize a series of deep and continuous assault operations in other directions, which would bring great and fatal damage to the Soviet defensive forces. So Chuikov began to return to his role. He had to think further about whether the depth configuration of his defensive campaign was reasonable. The passive defensive strategy of relying solely on towns as defensive points to form the overall defensive front obviously needed further improvement to adapt to the high rhythm of German warfare. Of course, the best way was to strengthen the air power. Chuikov felt more and more that passive defense was already quite uncomfortable, and if the Germans were allowed to completely control the air, the hope of holding on would be even more dim. (To be continued.) Chapter 251 the impossible? While Chuikov was still worried about the lack of air defense cover for his troops, which allowed Nazi Germany to seize the air supremacy in the theater and fail to achieve the expected defensive time, almost at the same time, in the Central Asian Theater Command of the Republic, Major General Hu Guang, Chief of Staff of Operations in the theater, had launched a final pre-war discussion on the latest orders from the Joint Staff. The main members attending the meeting are basically all air force generals,touch screen digital signage, because the military action launched during the World Anti-Fascist Multinational Summit is of great political and military significance. However, if we want to achieve enough suddenness and destructiveness, we can only rely on strong and powerful air strikes. Simple ground military action is obviously of little significance at this stage. The preparation time is too long. {http: .. Friends upload updates }.
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