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Shang Guan Ding Qing Tian Fei Long (9th Dec 22 at 2:32am UTC)
As Ying Qinghua answered, he took out the Jiaojiao Dao and handed it to Leng Yanxue. "Sister Xue," he said, "this Jiaojiao Dao is not afraid of precious swords and sharp swords. It has the function of turning stones into powder. It is indeed a rare treasure. If you cooperate with your'Dragon and Phoenix Golden Ring 'and use the moves of left Dao and right ring to meet the enemy, its power will be even more amazing!"! However, this knife ring with the moves, but also have to spend energy to research and create it! When Leng Yanxue saw that he had given her a treasure, she was not stingy. Knowing that it was the result of deep affection and righteousness, she could not help but feel relieved and grateful! But she was always gentle and polite. Although she took the horn knife in her hand and played with it, she was thinking about another personal problem and made a decision quickly. He smiled and said, "Brother Hua, thank you for giving me such a good treasure!"! However, this knife ring is very difficult to match. I can't use it for the time being. Why don't you keep it for the time being? If Mei Jie is a martial arts practitioner, she will be sent to her together with the leather coat in the future. Shuang Mei, do you think so? Leng Yanxue's polite refusal was unexpected by Ying Qinghua. Seeing that Bai Rushuang nodded in agreement, he felt even more embarrassed. With a wry smile, he said, "Sister Xue, I'll think of a way to deal with the moves. Don't worry!"! "I'd better take it. If Mei Jie comes back to practice martial arts, I'll find something else to give her." Unexpectedly, Leng Yanxue still refused to accept it. She shook her head and said with a smile, "Brother Hua, that's all!"! You should keep the things. When Mei Jie comes back in the future, if she doesn't practice martial arts, I'll ask you for them again. If she does, even if you give them to me, I'll give them to Mei Jie. Isn't that good? Ying Qinghua had nothing to say, so he had to take back the horn knife and put it back in the package, saying, "Good!"! Let's talk about it in the future. At the same time, he said to Bai Rushuang, "Sister Shuang, do you want to take the True Explanation of Qian Kun Tong Hua with you?"? Or stay with me? When Bai Rushuang was in the Hall of Emperor Wu, she had already learned from Abbess Chen that Qian Kun Zhen Jie was something that the couple had practiced together. So when she heard Tsinghua asking about it, she hurriedly said, "I don't want it. Keep it for yourself!" At the same time, he whispered a few words in Leng Yanxue's ear. They chuckled and said, "Brother Hua, you should tell me who killed my parents." Ying Qinghua was rearranging the parcel and putting it at the head of the bed. Hearing this, he turned around and sat on the edge of the bed and said with a smile, "Yes, silly sister!"! Why are you in such a hurry! Can't we talk about it in a few days? "No!"! I'm even sadder if you don't say it! Bai Rushuang insisted that he tell the story of the murderer immediately. Originally, Ying Qinghua hoped to have a good time with them in this half month, in order to make himself and this pair of lovers get along happily with their families for a period of time, to talk about the meaning of loneliness, facial recognization camera , and at the same time to relax his nervous mood for several months. Then, he and they went to Guiyang, and went to the foxtail gang of Ruixue Villa to make an appointment with Ma Qi. By the way, he looked for Szeto Yin to avenge Bai Rushuang's killing of his father. Now, Bai Rushuang is anxious to know who the enemy is, forcing him to say. He knew that after Bai Rushuang learned of the enemy, he would start his journey uneasily and destroy the plan in his heart, but he could do nothing about his beloved sister. So he hesitated a little and said to Bai Rushuang, "Good!"! I will tell you at once, but I hope you will be able to endure for five days after you know it, and happily get together with my parents here, and do my heart as a son of man! This great truth made Bai Rushuang have nothing to say and nodded his promise. When Ying Qinghua saw that she had already made a promise, he went on to say, "Sister Shuang, do you still remember what happened when Ling Jiapu seized the treasure?" The short and thin old man who was wounded by the elder Ling of "Wanli Chasing the Wind" was called Situ Yin. He was a disciple of the Qionglai Sect. On his way home when the elder Youyou got the True Explanation of Qian Kun, he had a fight with them. This Situ Yin was the only one who escaped. Later, he couldn't find the elder of Youyouzi to take revenge, so he vented his anger on your father. He made an appointment with many people from the same family to attack your house, and finally caused a murder case. You were the only one left, and you were rescued by the Dust Master. The origin of these things is partly in the suicide note of Youyou's predecessor, and partly in the personal account I heard from Szeto Yin. On my way to an appointment at Mount Li, I saw Situ Yin again and found that he was related to the Red Star believers, so I went to visit him at night.
As a result, he raved in the wine, and I got a lot of secrets. Leng Yanxue suddenly asked, "Brother Hua, where is Situ Yin now?" Ying Qinghua had no choice but to reply, "As the leader of the Foxtail Gang, he is actually the archenemy of the Foxtail Gang.". After he answered, he did not pay attention to Leng Yanxue's expression and went on to say: "From Szeto Yin's mouth, I not only knew that he was the enemy of Youyouzi's predecessor, the murderer of Bai Qing and his wife, but also discovered a big conspiracy. Unfortunately, I did not know that Bai Qing was Shuang Mei's father at that time. Otherwise, I would not forgive him." Leng Yanxue seemed to be very interested in Szeto Yin. Then she asked, "Brother Hua, what conspiracy is Szeto Yin talking about?" Ying Qinghua had no choice but to explain: "In the past, I thought that the Red Star Sect wanted to form an alliance with the Foxtail Gang because they were in cahoots with each other. Unexpectedly, in the mouth of Situ Yin, I found that the Red Star Sect was a hidden trick. On the surface, it talked about peaceful coexistence with the Guwei Gang, but secretly it sent someone to go undercover. When the time was ripe, it wanted to annex the Foxtail Gang at one stroke and dominate Wulin." Szeto Yin was the leader who was sent to go undercover. He was the leader of the Xuanwu Hall in the Guwei Sect. He was in charge of developing the affairs of the Sect and doing business with the outside world. But in the Red Star Sect, he was the messenger of the General Altar. Taking advantage of his position and the opportunity to be active outside, he secretly contacted the Red Star Sect, and bribed the members of the Foxtail Sect to take refuge in the Red Star Sect. According to his own wild words, in another year and a half, he would be able to make all the members of the Foxtail Sect below the leader of the Branch become members of the Red Star Church. "That's all right," said Bai Rushuang! From the words and deeds of the young leader of the foxtail gang, we can prove that the foxtail gang is not good either, just let them kill each other! But I must kill the old thief Situ Yin! Ying Qinghua saw that she had a plan to find Szeto Yin alone and ignore the Foxtail Gang. She thought it was funny and childish.
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