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Bai Lian Cheng Yao + Peerless Evil (9th Dec 22 at 2:33am UTC)
But this mountain, from a third of the way up, is all private property, surrounded by a high electric fence, and there are a lot of hounds patrolling it. Camping climbed to the front of the electric fence and was "friendly" asked to go down the mountain. Some people had guessed that it was actually a secret military base, but I knew it was impossible. It must be a perverted rich guy who bought the whole mountain in order to show off and enjoy the feeling of the emperor, but doesn't he know that "it's lonely at the top"? A wise saying, in winter, the temperature on the top of the mountain is close to minus 35 degrees, and he can't freeze to death! "God, you don't want to take me to that luxury club over there for breakfast." Watching Death turn the car into a fork in the road, I couldn't help but be surprised. Since all the people living on the mountain are rich and famous, of course, there will be some entertainment facilities specially used by the rich. This famous Chuyang Club is it. I heard that this member There are all legal and illegal entertainment facilities in the large club, and the restaurant inside is world-class. I am not very particular about other things, but I am good at eating. West, has always been my first pursuit, if you can go in there to eat a big meal. Little stars come out of my eyes.. Death gave me an expressionless look and nodded, "Yes!" Khan, it's a typical death answer, if other men are qualified to enter this club. I'm sure I'll give my female companion a good introduction about how awesome this meeting is. I won't stop until I show off. It seems that the God of death is quite meaningful. The guy was wrong before, and my evaluation of him can't help but rise a few points. The car drove to the door to stop, immediately someone came to open the door, and then a car took into the driver's seat to park, death pulled me swaggering in. At the door, two guys in suits and leather shoes saw him bow slightly and did not stop us. I wonder, don't you have to check the membership card when you come in? …… So can I sneak in like this next time?! Forget it, even if I get in, I don't have the money to pay the bill. Walking into the luxurious elevator, a sister with a first-class figure and appearance smiled and bowed to me. Death didn't even look at the magic eyes of others. The elevator receptionist pressed the button on the sixth floor and stood quietly on one side, the farthest distance from death. When we walked out on the sixth floor, I turned to the beautiful sister and smiled, "Sister, it's a waste for you to be an elevator receptionist. If you want to be a model or a model." If you make a movie, you will be very popular. When the beautiful sister heard what I said, she just smiled and said nothing, and the elevator door closed. She used to be a model. Death looked at me with the eyes of a small white and said. Then why the elevator receptionist? Is the salary very high? I looked back at the elevator and looked puzzled. The salary is generally high, but the tips she collects here every day are more than a third-rate star. When he finished, I gave him a contemptuous look. "Then why didn't you tip someone just now?!" Death looked at me without blushing and patted his pocket. "I'm not in the habit of carrying money." Damn it I looked at death in disbelief, Slate Wall Panel ,White Marble Slabs, "You didn't bring me to eat the overlord meal." For my question, death did not answer at all, but looked at me contemptuously, "In this world, there is a thing called credit card.".
” I sweat.. Death brought me to a French restaurant. The waiters were all handsome French guys who spoke beautiful French. After we sat down, Death took the dishes. Shan, I was confused when I heard the waiter jabbering in French for a while. This guy is very talented. He can speak French. Just when I was in a daze, death had put down the menu, the waiter turned away, and I poked death's arm unwillingly, "Hello!"! Let the lady order. Yes. Common courtesy, how can you be like this?! Why don't you let me order?! Death looked at me, did not say anything, just put the menu in front of me, I angrily opened a look, dumbfounded, I rely on! Full of French, I know the letters when they are taken apart, and when they are put together, I have no idea that they are shrimps. "What did you order?" I have no good spirit to death, "how should also discuss with me, but I am very picky ~" "Eat something refreshing in the morning." Death glanced out the window. "Vanilla escargot, egg and tomato salad, cream of seafood soup." "No!" I protested, "I want meat!"! I want meat! That duck breast, that vanilla lamb chop, and that.. Something. … I want to eat meat anyway! Death looked at me with the eyes of a monster, stared for a moment, then reached out to the waiter and muttered to him, and then the waiter looked at the eyes of a monster. God looked at me.. Holy shit, what does that look mean?! Eating meat is against the law! French food is usually served one by one, but today it was very strange that two dishes were served at once, a plate of vanilla snails and a plate of delicious red meat. It's been so long, it's way past breakfast time, my stomach is already protesting, there aren't many people in the restaurant anyway, and I don't care about table manners anymore (actually I I don't know the etiquette of eating French food. Pick up the knife and fork at hand and start working. Unlike my gobbling, Death pretends to be the same as 2580,000, a very gentlemanly meal. Damn it, this guy is clearly an animal. It's hypocritical to pretend to be a person! I despise him! "Ha ha ha ha ~" I was eating cool, a burst of "hearty" laughter came from the door, originally playing elegant music in the restaurant atmosphere instantly by this monster. The same laughter was destroyed to pieces. Which one is so awesome?! I was sitting right in front of the door,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, and I looked up, damn it! Fire Cloud Evil God! A burly middle-aged man came in with two cool bodyguards in black clothes and sunglasses. He was also dressed in a black suit, but his shirt and jacket were open.
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