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Stealing the little imperial concubine (9th Dec 22 at 2:45am UTC)
"Miss, in fact, Wang Ye is really good!"! Rich and handsome. Xiao Zhu shook his head to remind his master. I want to be a chivalrous woman who robs the rich to help the poor. Now that I'm locked up, how can I make my way in Jianghu? Holding his chin and rolling his eyes, he thought about how to get away. I thought about it for a long time, but I didn't figure out how to escape. Instead, he was knocked to sleep by the car. Miss, wake up. Xiao Zhu shook his master who was sleeping soundly. Xiaozhu, don't make trouble. I want to eat. What's wrong with my mouth? I tilted my head and fell asleep again. Miss, it's thundering. Xiao Zhu shouted in Yinger's ear. Her young lady is most afraid of thunder, as long as this is called, she jumped up at once, this is Xiaozhu's tried and tested trick. Sure enough, as soon as she heard that it was going to thunder, Yinger jumped up. What's the matter? It's going to thunder, mother. Yinger jumped up with a loud cry, and her head suddenly touched the roof of the car. She was so painful that she covered her head and grinned, wishing she could give Xiaozhu two strokes. Miss,Inflatable dry slide, the maidservant didn't do it on purpose. Xiao Zhu explained in a daze. Of course you didn't mean it. You meant it. Ying was so angry that her eyebrows twisted into a ball and she rubbed her forehead and sighed. Xiao Zhu, what are you waiting for? The eldest brother shouted angrily at the door. He covered his forehead and dilly-dally got out of the carriage. "Yinger, come in quickly." The eldest brother's face was a little gloomy. Where is the eldest brother? Is he already in the palace? Yinger raised her eyes and looked at the yard curiously. Please, this is a post station, and it will take more than ten days to get to the palace. The eldest brother spoils the light smile way. Come to the hall of the post station, here is a special reception for princes and ministers, inside the gorgeous,Inflatable water park factory, rosewood tables and chairs, luxurious without losing elegance. The cakes served by the servants were so delicate that people could not help drooling, and their eyes were aimed at the cakes, but they were embarrassed to eat first. I can only stand with that smelly prince. He was so unlucky that he stole his jade pendant in order to punish him for his impoliteness, but he turned out to be a prince, and even more unlucky was his future husband. Hey, "I'm such a loser.". He is still being escorted to the capital to wait for his marriage. I hope he doesn't recognize himself as the one who stole his jade pendant. This man is domineering and indifferent, and he will have good fruit to eat in the future. Ying son nervously murmured in the heart, a pair of Qingling's big eyes rolling around. Ling Jun glanced slightly from the corner of his eye at the restless little girl, who turned out to be his fiancee. Can be really interesting, after their own in the palace will not be lonely, such a trouble spirit to the palace, Inflatable mechanical bull ,inflatable amusement park, do not know what kind of trouble it will cause. A smile passed over the sexy lips, and a thoughtful look flashed through Ling Jun's eyes. Looking up and seeing his puzzling look, Yinger's heart sank. Did he recognize me? "Bless the Bodhisattva, I will not steal his things in my next life." 12 first arrived at the palace After standing for a while, the smelly prince finally sat down and was arranged in a private room in the backyard after dinner. After the bath, he changed into a white dress, dripping long hair, draped over his shoulders, just like a little fairy who did not eat fireworks. The clear moonlight shone through the window and made the room silvery. The night is cool, silent, and bright as water. In the depths of the sky, the stars are blinking mischievously, and Yinger stands at the window and looks up helplessly at the stars. Xiaozhu, do you think I really can't go out to play anymore? I want to be a chivalrous woman. "Miss, how imposing you will be when you become an imperial concubine!"! Besides, Wang Ye is so handsome and elegant. What good is it to be a chivalrous woman? Xiao Zhu counted the benefits of being an imperial concubine in one breath. Why are you so unsympathetic? There are so many poor people outside. I can help them if I become a chivalrous woman. Ying gave Xiao Zhu a hard look. Now, now, my good lady, it's time for you to go to bed. I have to leave early tomorrow morning. Xiao Zhu urged as he laid the quilt. Xiaozhu, let's run while no one is running now. Yinger couldn't help it, and her good-looking brows wrinkled slightly. Where are you going again? The voice of ridicule comes from the window. Ling Jun prepared his hands and slowly plated them to the window. What did you hear? When did I say I was leaving? Ying put her hands on her waist and glared at him. Although the surface is very fierce, in fact, the heart is very weak.
"You'd better not do that, or your Li family will have bad luck." Ling Jun glanced at her coldly. If her parents hadn't chosen her, he would have fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, she turned out to be the wife of her parents, so don't blame him for not handing over his heart. Although he had been moved by the chance encounter on the street, he was not a person who could be manipulated by others, even by his parents. Yinger angrily reached out to close the open window tightly, this cold and heartless person, if he really became his husband, he would really suffer in the future, am I really so miserable? A little face suddenly collapsed because of his appearance. For the next few days, Yinger never showed a smile, which made it useless for Xiaozhu to think of ways to tease her. As if her young lady's face had been smeared with paste, she was so serious that she was driving her crazy. After more than ten days of trekking, I finally arrived at the capital. The prosperity of the capital washed away all the hard work and unhappiness along the way. Yinger's little face showed a naughty smile of the past. Miss, Xiao Zhu saw you smile again. The happy smile on Xiao Zhu's face was her life in her heart. The noisy voices and the bustling street market made Yinger's heart extremely excited, and there was a novelty in her heart that she had never had before. The carriage passed through several busy streets and stopped in front of a grand and luxurious mansion. The servants stood in two lines at the door of the mansion to welcome the master back. A group of people were crowded into the red lacquer gate, Yinger's heart involuntarily felt uneasy, she had a sense of fear and helplessness about the courtyard,inflatable water slide, as if into here, will never see the outside world again. Chen Shun, arrange Miss Ying in the Orchid Garden and take them down to rest first. There was no expression on Ling Jun's handsome face.
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