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Peerless Tangmen (14th Dec 22 at 1:02am UTC)
Peerless Tangmen
"Why, Dark Gold Claw Bear, how can this kind of soul beast appear outside the Star Forest?" In front of the bear soul beast looks too tragic, coupled with its own rarity, Huo Yuhao three people for the first time failed to recognize, but Xuan Lao is so experienced, immediately called out its scientific name. The dark gold fear-clawed bear is known as the earth ripper. It is one of the most powerful soul beasts. A warmonger in the forest. After Huo Yuhao returned to Shrek Academy, he especially studied the top ten fierce beasts. In his memory, there seems to be a dark gold bear in the top ten fierce beasts. Generally speaking, the abilities of soul beasts are inclined, such as speed, attack, defense and so on. Like the previous Tiger Magic Cat, it is mainly inclined to speed, and its attack power is based on speed. But the dark gold fear claw bear is a wonderful work, it is good at attack and defense, is a complete contradiction. Its dark golden hair has a strong attack power, while its terrible claws have a terrible attack power. It is said that the most powerful dark gold bear even has the strength to fight against the dragon. Such a rare and powerful forest king actually appeared outside the Star Forest,mirror stainless steel sheet, what is not rare? Although the dark gold bear was badly hurt, its hearing was still very keen, and the old man's voice was directly captured by it. Suddenly, he raised his head to the sky and let out a roar full of threats, but the pace at his feet stopped. He did not continue to come forward. The painful lesson just now has made it like a frightened bird. With a smile on his face, Xuan Lao said, "I'm lucky that I didn't get a shock in vain.". This guy is not only suitable,304 Stainless Steel Wire, but also exceeds expectations. Let me do it. He dare not let Huo Yuhao three people to face this dark gold fear claw bear again. This kind of soul beast attack is extremely terrible, as long as in one, with Huo Yuhao three people now strength, will die undoubtedly. As soon as his figure flashed, Xuan Lao came to the dark gold bear with claws. Dark gold fear claw bear's reaction speed is very quick, in the case of such a heavy blow, even the first time to launch an attack and their own defense. A layer of dark golden light gushed from its unbroken hair, which did not shine out, but was embedded in its hair. It can be seen that the dark golden hairs stand up in an instant, like steel needles. At the same time, the only remaining bear claw waved brazenly and went straight to Xuan Lao. Originally its two feet long bear claw is very exaggerated, but under the wave, Huo Yuhao three people really understand what the meaning of the fear claw is. Huge bear claws actually rose three times in the air, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, from the original two feet into two meters, horrible claws flashing dark golden light straight to Xuanlao, not to mention people, I am afraid that even a hard rock hit by it will fall apart in an instant ah! Unfortunately, it met Xuanlao. Even if the top Deinonychus bear encounters Xuanlao, it may not be able to please, not to mention that it has only been cultivated for thousands of years. Xuanlao's eyes froze, the yellow light flashed away, and the body of the thousand-year-old dark gold bear suddenly remained motionless, and it could be clearly seen that its lower limbs had completely sunk into the ground. Xuanlao floated up, a palm row on the top of the head of the dark gold fear claw bear, only to hear a "poof" sound, the dark gold fear claw bear's whole body skeleton crackled. It was shattered inch by inch. Xiao Xiao, come on. Boss Xuan gave a big shout. How can Xiao Xiao not know what the teacher is going to do. He rushed over in two or three steps and quickly came to Xuan Lao's side. Xuan Lao handed her a sharp blade and tore a piece of dark gold hair from the back of the bear's neck. Xiao Xiao did his best, and when the bones of the bear had been shattered and the outer hair defense had been broken, it took a lot of effort to pierce the sharp blade and pierce the central nervous system of the thousand-year-old dark gold bear to make it fatal. Xiao Xiao doubts very much, if there is no Xuan Lao, this dark gold fear claw bear lies there to let oneself fight, oneself can kill it. This guy's defense is terrible. A dazzling ring of bright purple souls emerges with the death of the dark gold bear. After a brief observation, Xuan Lao said, "It's about two thousand years of cultivation. With your present ability and the promotion of two soul bones to your body, it's no problem to absorb them.". Let's get started. "Thank you, teacher." Xiao sat down cross-legged in high spirits and immediately began to absorb the dark gold fear claw bear soul ring.
Purple soul ring into a ray of streamer into her body, so that Xiao Xiao body suddenly covered with a layer of light purple. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong at this time have rushed over, some envy looking at Xiao Xiao. Although the quality of the soul ring is most relevant to the age, the type of soul beast is also extremely important. The soul ring brought by a powerful soul beast will naturally have powerful soul skills. (To be continued) Episode 5 Battle of the Champions Chapter 139 Millennium Dark Gold Claw Bear (middle) Old Xuan, however, was not idle. He reached out his hand and touched the bear. After a while, his face showed a trace of excitement. He stood up like a knife and cut off the remaining right forelimb of the bear. He dissected it in two or three times, revealing a strange skeleton. This bone is dark gold, emitting a strong wave of soul power, obviously a soul bone. Xiao Xiao's luck is not just as simple as good, it is simply good to explode! But this soul bone is different from the traditional right arm soul bone that Huo Yuhao has seen. Technically, it's a metacarpal bone. Similar to the palm of the skeleton is not big, but there are five long and narrow blades at the front, like a smaller version of the fear of claws, dark golden halo like water waves flowing on the blade, a bit of magic weapon feeling. Xuan Lao's face was full of shock and envy. "You little guys are really blessed!"! As a rare and powerful soul beast, I am not surprised to see the appearance of the soul bone, but I never thought it would be the most precious right metacarpal bone it could produce. Huo Yuhao, after all, they are only second-year students,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, although they have learned some of the knowledge of the soul division, but also not fine and comprehensive, all a face of curiosity looking at Xuan Lao.
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