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Necromancer End World Bank (14th Dec 22 at 1:06am UTC)
Necromancer End World Bank
This is Tang Fan's sudden great harvest in the chaotic void of the undead magic code. Although the amount of mental power has not increased significantly, the quality has improved, which makes Tang Fan's control of mental power more handy and more free, and once again surpasses it. In this case, naturally, for the tooth blade, which is an apprentice and is still very familiar with the magic, Tang Fan is as relaxed and freehand as trying to get something out of the bag. Jamieson's heart was filled with horror. This How is that possible That is seven magic ah, even if the apprentice rank of magic, but also more powerful than the fireball magic skills, how can it be in an instant, without chanting any spell to display, and a display, or seven. This, even those high-level mages, can not do it. For a moment, Jamieson thought he was dazzled, if not that the seven tooth blades were really shooting at them, that kind of sharp breath, clear and sharp. Volume 2: Chaos New Age 211 Strong Kill 211strong kill "Hum, so what if you can perform more than one magic? After all, it's just an apprenticeship magic skill." Flame Mage Jamieson was shocked and snorted coldly, not knowing whether it was self-consolation or pretentious disdain. Indeed, the power of the tooth blade poses little threat to them. Even the flame mage Jamieson did not have half a point of defense, let the tooth blade shoot at his body, a few puffs, the tooth blade hit Jamieson's flame shield,whirlpool hot tub, immediately, under the heat and protection of the flame shield, instantly broke open. On the flame shield, however, there was only a little splash of spark falling around, and there was no damage. Several other tooth blades were also blocked and defeated by other followers, unable to pose any threat to them. In this regard, Tang Fan did not feel any surprise, if even the tooth blade can deal with them,outdoor hot tub, then it means that they are really too useless. The reason for the use of tooth blade attack, but Tang Fan wanted to try, his awakening of a new talent: the heart of magic, how much his own strength has improved. Seven tooth blades, obviously two more than before, indicate that Tang Fan's strength has indeed improved significantly. Humble natives, I give you one more chance, surrender, or I will seize you and make you suffer in my flames and turn to ashes. Jamieson, with a cold face and a fierce desire to kill, said. Surrender Tang Fan laughed and said, "Well, I accept your surrender." "You.." Hearing Tang Fan's words, Jamieson and others were furious. When they originally came to this plane, they were a little contemptuous from the heart, and after encountering Tang Fan and others, after a battle, they actually let a companion die, which is simply unacceptable. However, whirlpool hot tub spa ,american hot tub, in any case, they saw their lack of skills from Tang Fan and others, and the contempt in their hearts did not diminish. Therefore, when Tang Fan said this, they remembered that they had felt a kind of fear before, and the anger in their hearts rushed to them. Kill them all. Jamieson was furious, and under the shield of fire all over his body, the wave of the fire element immediately became blazing, as if to burn everything out, like a volcanic eruption. In this anger, Jamieson also ignored the other, just want to kill Tang Fan and others. As soon as Jamieson gave the order, the four followers immediately launched an attack one by one. Minos's magic arrow shot out in an instant and shot at Qin Taisheng. He had already seen that Qin Taisheng had little energy left in his body at this time and was the best one to deal with. The other three, on the other hand, rushed toward Tang Fan and others. You two back off. As soon as Tang Fan saw the other side rushing over, he said softly that he knew that this level of fighting was not something that Qin Taisheng and Qin Bingxin could intervene in. This is not to say that the two of them are useless, but their strength at this time is not enough, and they are awakened by themselves without the same complete training as those people, there are some disadvantages invisibly.
Qin Taisheng and Qin Bingxin listen, quickly retreat, and there is no objection, because they are also very clear, if they overreach themselves to participate in the battle, is likely to be killed, it is better to retreat, so that Tang Fan can have no worries about the full display. Do not know why, for this time of Tang Fan, the two of them have absolute confidence, believe that Tang Fan will be able to kill each other all, this is a kind of confidence, a kind of confidence from the depths of the soul. Immediately, Tang Fan jumped down from the back of the demonized armored soldier ant, and by the way, he took the demonized armored soldier ant into the summoning space. The ability to demonize the armored soldier ant was not enough to confront the other side, but it would be in danger of being killed. Faced with the aggressive charge of the three swordsmen, Tang Fan's face did not change at all, standing on the hard and cold ground of the passage, looking at the three men coming from the charge, feeling that kind of fierce murderous look, the corners of his mouth suddenly hung up a sneer. Immediately, Tang Fan raised the battle of the yew, his lips moved slightly, but did not make any sound, immediately, a magic guide from the body, quickly fled to the battle of the yew on the broken magic spar, then, in the surrounding air, there was a wave. It can be seen that from the surrounding air, strands of very thin gray, quickly stripped out of the air, and then toward the battle of the yew out of the broken magic spar, have gathered. Immediately, a palm-sized crescent moon-shaped gray-white energy blade appeared in front of the broken magic spar, that is, the enhanced tooth blade. This time, Tang Fan used his own magic as a traction, and then meditated in his heart,outdoor whirlpool tub, following the rhythm of the essence of magic, pulling the magic of death in the surrounding air, and then converging into magic. Tang Fan found that the time to use this enhanced tooth blade was about two seconds. This is not much different from his own magic when he had not yet understood the essence of magic.
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