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On her alone was lavished royal love and care. (14th Dec 22 at 1:06am UTC)
On her alone was lavished royal love and care.
"We are brothers." Jinxiang Hou glanced at me and said lightly. Oh When I got the answer, I was satisfied and stopped talking. The answer is expected-all I lack is his own confirmation. Why don't you ask Lord Tan what I'm looking for him for? What is his identity? Asked the Marquis of Jinxiang. Because I said slowly, thinking of Qin Wang Ye's words, "Just now someone gave me a lesson and said: There are some things in this world, the less you know, the safer you are." "Ha, that man." As if I knew him. Jinxiang Hou laughed. Smile, like a peerless flower in the dark night. He is really a man who loves to laugh, and he often laughs. Very good. Yeah.. But if you want to say it, I certainly can't stop my ears. I looked at his smile and never moved my eyes. See more, pleasing to the eye, is also good. And two men, will not give people unnecessary associations, so I can enjoy this beautiful face unscrupulously. I was moved by my dirty psychology and couldn't help smiling. The Marquis of Jinxiang did not pay attention at all. He thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Do you hate him?" He suddenly asked, and I didn't react for a moment, so I blurted back, "Who?" As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he immediately reacted and wanted to cover his mouth. The man who hurt you. The Marquis of Jinxiang reminded him without mercy. "Uh.." I looked at the horizon of a crescent moon: "If I say: I believe that he has the difficulties,endless swim pool, he hurt my feelings must have, I understand him, support him, forgive him-Hou Ye you do not believe?" The Marquis of Jinxiang followed my gaze and suddenly intoned, "The month of confinement is shining on the nine States. Some families are happy and some are sad. Some couples live in the same tent, and some families are drifting outside." After he finished reading, he said,hot tub manufacturers, "If I say that I read this poem just because I'm in high spirits, do you believe it?" I do not speak, looking at him, just two crescent moon fell in his eyes, the shadow of the dark blue eyes blurred magic. He looked back at me. I think I am a man who is weak when he is strong. I dare not look at him for fear that his eyes will have magic power. I will fall into it and drown without knowing it. After a while, he and I both scolded, "I don't believe it!" ##### It seems that there are only two of us walking on this long rosefinch street. The night was so still and cold that I could not help shrinking my shoulders. Is it cold? The people around him asked lightly. It's all right. I grinned. There was a suspicious sound, and I looked up, but I saw the red shadow moving in front of me, and then I felt cold and warm. But it was the Marquis of Jinxiang who took off his red brocade robe and put it on for me. This How to make it? I reached for my robe. Taking off his robe, the Marquis of Jinxiang was neatly dressed, with white brocade clothes, a jade belt wrapped around his waist, garden jacuzzi tub ,hot tub wholesale, and high black boots. He looked more and more upright and uninhibited, just like a sword out of its scabbard. I was stunned for a moment. You are an injured person, and naturally you should be taken care of more. He looked at me and smiled, raised his hand, pressed my hand, and patted me on the shoulder. The sleeves were gathered, the wrists were wrapped in silver-white wristbands, the fingers were very long, and when they touched my hands, they were warm. Thank you I was speechless for a moment and had to lower my head. I don't know how long I walked, but when I saw a towering building in front of me, I felt that the pace of Jinxiang Hou slowed down unconsciously. What are you doing I seem to be moving. I'm still waiting. "Wait for the answer?" "You know that." He looked at me with a strange look in his eyes. "The answer isn't important, but somehow I want to know." I looked at him and said with a smile, "For the sake of your strong desire for knowledge, I will teach you tirelessly." "Ask the teacher for advice!" He clasped his fists and stood tall. I took a breath of the cold air of the night, and my heart and lungs were very cool and sober. In fact, I am very grateful to him. I am full of smiles. What The Marquis of Jinxiang looked at me in surprise. He show mercy and didn't shoot me in that heart. I looked at him and smiled. "He could have killed me once and for all, but he didn't. He left me dead-so I'm grateful to him." ###### Silence. I looked at him. He looked at me. It seems that the two armies are fighting against each other, and silence is better than sound at this time.
"Yu Feng Qing." After a while, the Marquis of Jinxiang called. Yes I answered. Wrap the robe tightly and let the hem hang down. He said, blinking at me with one eye. Ha I laughed and looked down. Sure enough, the bright red robe was already hanging down. It was a sin. I hurried to lift it in a hurry. I've put you off too long. You must be tired, too. Come on. Jinxiang Hou stretched out his hand and held my hand tightly. Uh I looked up doubtfully. We went home. He said, looking up. Following his eyes, I saw that not far in front of us, where the lights were shining brightly, two large stone lions stood high on the left and right, two half-open doors in the middle, two large lanterns at the top of the door, and six guards dressed in armor with red scarves wrapped around their waists and precious knives stood beside the door. On the plaque in the middle of the gate, dragons and phoenixes were written majestically in big characters: Jinxiang Hou Fu. I looked at the man in front of me, and two familiar words floated up in my heart: "Looking for him thousands of times in the crowd, I suddenly looked back, but the man was in the dim lights." The first roll is like not tying a boat. Chapter 15 broken sleeves. Chapter 15 Broken Sleeve I don't know if luck has changed, but for sixteen years, only this night is the most pleasant. Tang Shaosi settled me in the guest room. The huge room was fragrant as soon as I entered the door. The surrounding layout was even more gorgeous. There were heavy curtains, purple and gold sandalwood. On the table table, there was a vase of slender waist and shrugged shoulders. On a comfortable and spacious bed, the brocade quilt was folded neatly. I could not bear to destroy it. Tang Shaosi coughed, and in less than three minutes, the two little maids who entered the door were all very clever. They hung their heads and lowered their eyebrows, and bowed to me. Tang Shaosi smiled and said, "Brother Yu,best whirlpool tub, if you think there is something wrong with you, you can tell them. If you are not satisfied, you can tell me." 。
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