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The adventure of connecting hearts (14th Dec 22 at 1:12am UTC)
The adventure of connecting hearts
Men who have transformed their bodies no longer have beards, and their skin is more delicate than that of women! And women? Although I can't grow a beard. But the skin is relatively rougher than men, and the strength has become greater than men! No wonder I haven't seen a man with a beard. So that's it? A heart-to-heart speech ) It was a man who wrote this unofficial history. He left a message saying that he had a dream one night. He dreamed that a God with white hair and beard told him. The God said that he wanted to retaliate against a God who stole his fruit and was punished by the Jade Emperor. So he wanted to let a God be cursed by the male world forever. But where did he know that these descendants no longer mentioned it? Men do not mention, because no face, who let them eat at the beginning! Women don't mention it because they were too weak at the beginning, and now they don't admit it, so this unofficial history disappeared after a period of sensation, and then no one knows the secrets! Even the heart has asked Xiaofei how she got this wild historical records, Xiaofei did not say, just a mysterious smile, even the heart does not care, so there is no further questioning. Hualou On the night of flying back from childhood, Murong Min officially announced that Murong Qingxia would be betrothed to Lianxin, claiming that they would get married after the Mid-Autumn Festival, which made many women beat their chests and stamp their feet. The so-called first beauty in Wulin married like this! They are both envious and jealous of the good fortune of their hearts. These are the last words, of course,Ceramic Band Heater, when getting married, Fu Yun should also be included, although Lianxin and he have long been matched by husband and wife, but they did not get married, so the wedding day is a threesome! This makes Lianxin have a headache. What should we do on the wedding night? Of course, these are the last words. It's not that day yet! "Lian,ceramic igniter electrodes, go, I'll take you to a good place!" Murong Xiaofei walked into the small garden where Lian Xin was staying, and put the clothes he was watching Yun and Xia make. Made by the groom himself. )'s connecting heart was pulled out. Where are you going in such a hurry? I haven't even finished looking at how they do it. "Lian Xin complained a little." It's their man's business. Why are you involved? I'll take you where we women should go. ?” Where women should go? Where Is there such a place? "Hualou?" "Hualou?"? Unexpectedly, there is a flower building ? I didn't expect you to be so carefree, Xiaofei. "Lian Xin, who is completely confused, thought that Hualou was the place to enjoy the flowers." What leisure ah, I am to take you to see the world, to the night city so long I have not taken you to stroll, right? "Why do I need you to take it? I've been to almost all the places I should go, and there's nothing special about it." Lian Xin curled her lips and said, can she not go? She also wanted to see how Yun and Xia made their wedding clothes! "All over?"? Have you been in Hualou? ? What do you think of it? ? "With an ambiguous expression on his face!"! "I haven't been there." "切 . I haven't been to Hualou. How can it be counted as a night city? "Not be the place that sees a flower, Ceramic Bobbin ,Alumina Ceramic C795, what is there to have good strange?" Connect a heart very disapprovingly. Ah? A place to see flowers ? Who told you that "Really, you don't even know about Hualou?"? Is she still a woman? ? "Not a place to enjoy flowers?"? What's that for? "Seeing Xiaofei talking so excitedly, she became a little curious." Go, don't talk, you'll know when you get there. Xiaofei pulled Lianxin away, not telling her that he wanted to give her a surprise. Soon Lian Xin finally knew what Hualou was. It was a brothel. Lian Xin sat in the hall with an unhappy face and stared at Xiaofei. The brothel should be called a brothel, which made her so embarrassed. Also, she didn't want to come to any brothel! He glared at Xiaofei again with great dissatisfaction. Murong Xiaofei giggled and was busy dealing with the old crow: "Father-in-law, please help me. I don't want these flowers and plants. Please call Yueyue to come out. This young lady brought a good friend to hold him specially. I can't lose face, can I?".
” When Xiaofei called the old crow father-in-law, Lianxin was drinking tea, a mouthful of tea spurted out, choked, and coughed on one side (father-in-law? Isn't that called by the eunuch? )! The old crow glared at her with displeasure and said, "Yueyue caught a cold yesterday. She's not feeling well. She can't receive Miss Murong. Please forgive her." The latter sentence is said to Lianxin. Lian Xin smiled disapprovingly. Let the old crow cross his face. He thought that this handsome and unmanly man looked down on his top card, so he proudly asked someone to invite the red card named Yueyue to see her expression. This made Xiaofei sigh for a long time, complaining that the old crow did not give her face, but also the good luck of the heart, because the top card in Hualou, Yueyue is not so easy to see, even if the queen came, it also depends on the situation, it is a big card. This makes even the heart is very surprised, even the queen's account is not bought, unexpectedly can be so big. Later, Xiaofei told her that it was because Yueyue was not a citizen of Shuiguo. He was the son of an official of Jin. Because his mother had committed a crime, he was sentenced to death. His family members were banished to the army, and the men were sent to the Goulan courtyard of other countries. They could not marry for life. So he and his twin brother were sent to Shuiguo. He was in the night city, while his brother was in the capital. Although their identities are sinners, people from other countries have no right to do anything to them. These are all agreements between the five countries. For example, if the sinners of their water country are sent to other countries, then other countries have no right to ask for excessive things from these sinners. Yeah! Lian Xin nodded and thought. : That's more like it. It proves that women are no worse than men in power. It's even pretty good. This is very gratifying to her. Just as she lowered her head to meditate, Xiaofei called her desperately, "What are you looking at?"? Look into her sight. I saw upstairs a white fluttering, masked beauty, posture Ana slowly walked down, should be a beauty? Think to one's heart 。 In fact,cordierite c520, she is not very concerned about what the other side looks like, the beauty of the words she has two, so she did not appear to be as excited as Xiaofei.
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