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Mortal Xiuxian Biography (14th Dec 22 at 1:14am UTC)
Mortal Xiuxian Biography
"Well, I do know some, but not much.". This Peiying Pill seems to be the elixir of an ancient sect in the wild period. It is said that taking this elixir can make the yuan Ying of the yuan Ying monks have great benefits, so that it is easier to break through the bottleneck of cultivation. For our yuan Ying monks, it can be called the elixir. But as early as the end of the wilderness, this sect had already broken its inheritance, and the formula of the elixir had long been lost, and now few people in the realm of immortals know about this elixir. Han Li thought for a moment and then spoke slowly. Had he not been a master of alchemy himself and had read many related ancient books, he would not have known about this elixir. When the big fellow and Bai Yaoyi heard Han Li's words, there was a trace of surprise on their faces. The big fellow couldn't wait to ask the old man: "Brother Fu is talking about this now. Is there the whereabouts of this elixir?" You should know that even in ancient times, all the methods and elixirs that could be useful for breaking through the bottleneck were regarded as life by yuan Ying monks, but these things were so few that once they were kept silent, even close relatives would not easily reveal them. So many years have passed, most of these things are lost, and the small half can not be applied because of the great change in the environment of cultivating immortals. Today's Xiuxian world, in addition to a few rumors of things against heaven, yuan Ying monks break through the bottleneck,mobile racking systems, but also can only rely on some elixirs to enhance cultivation. So when the big fellow heard the efficacy of Peiying Dan, he couldn't help being very excited. Ha ha, I didn't think brother Han really knew this Dan, which really surprised me. Yes, it does have something to do with this Dan. Because the old man got the formula of Peiying Dan more than a hundred years ago. "The rich old man said with a proud look on his face." Fu Daoyou really has this formula? The big fellow had two hands, a trace of red light on his black cheeks, and his eyes were full of ecstasy. As soon as Bai Yaoyi and Han Li heard this,push back racking system, they looked at each other and could not hide the joy on their faces. Yes, I have the formula, and I am also proficient in the art of Dan Dao. As long as the materials are complete, it is not a problem to refine Peiying Dan. The rich old man nodded without hesitation. What's the matter? Listen to the tone of the rich brother, it seems that the material is not easy to collect. Did you ask me to wait for this? Han Li's eyebrows jumped and he asked solemnly. Brother Han is really intelligent. If it weren't for the lack of the main material, Peiyingdan would have been refined many years ago. This time, it is for the sake of this material that I want to use the strength of all the Taoist friends. "After so many years, Brother Fu, as the elder of Jiuyou Sect, can't get this alchemy material. It seems that it's really not easy to find." Bai Yaoyi frowned and said. It's not just hard to find. The old man originally thought that this thing had long been extinct in the human world, and had regarded Peiying Dan as a useless thing, but he did not think that there was a trace of this thing, heavy duty cantilever racks ,shuttle rack system, which moved the idea of refining this Dan again. The old man said with a wry smile. All right, brother Fu, don't beat around the Bush. What are the materials you need? You might as well come out and listen to them first. The big fellow surnamed yuan asked impatiently. We need the flesh and blood of Yin Zhima! The old man said frankly. Yin Zhima? Do we have this kind of spirit in the human world. Where did Daoyou find it? Han Li was taken aback and asked with his eyes narrowed. When Bai Yaoyi and the big fellow heard this, they both looked at each other. Hey hey, originally the old man also thought that this world has long been without this spirit, but it happened that thirty years ago, the old man accidentally showed the trace of Yin Zhima, and it was somewhere in this southern Xinjiang. After the old man smiled, his face showed an inscrutable expression. Volume VI Tongtian Lingbao Chapter 976 Page of Styx "Now that Daoyou has found Yin Zhi Ma's lair and asked me to wait here for help, is Daoyou in any big trouble?" They were silent for a moment, or the big fellow surnamed yuan asked first. Although Yin Zhima comes and goes without a trace, he is good at hiding, but as long as there is enough time, it is not difficult for the old man to catch it. But the key is that this spirit nest is actually in the Yin and Yang Cave of the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons, and I can't follow it at all. And this spirit thing is very clever, at most just wandering around the entrance of the cave, never willing to step out of the cave. The old man with a rich surname finally said something that had left him helpless for decades.
"Yin and Yang Cave?" This time not only the big fellow gasped, Bai Yaoyi also turned pale in an instant. Only Han Li, who had never heard of it, inexplicably asked, "What Yin and Yang Cave? Is it terrible?" "Han Daoyou doesn't know the Yin and Yang Cave?"? I almost forgot, brother Han is an overseas monk, I don't know this Jedi is normal. The Yin and Yang Cave is one of the seven Jedi recognized by the Great Jin Dynasty. When ordinary monks enter it, there is no return at all. Bai Yaoyi gave a soft explanation to Han Li. What's so special about this place when it's so dangerous? Han Li was curious and asked a question. Yin and Yang Grottoes, of course, mean that Yin and Yang are separated as soon as you enter them. Apart from anything else, just the constant wind in the cave, even if the monk yuan Ying is blown, yuan Ying will be immediately scared out of his wits and reincarnated. Not to mention that the cave is located in the land of Xuanyin, where Yin Qi gathers all the year round. It has already given birth to all kinds of powerful and unusual ghosts in the cave. When strangers enter it, even if they can resist the Yin wind, they will be torn to pieces by many ghosts. The rich old man took the initiative to explain to Han Li. Hum, it's more than that. Yin and Yang Grottoes are located thousands of feet underground, where large and small passages are interlaced, and there are countless caves. In the past, there were monks who were lucky enough to rush to the bottom, but they could not find out the size of it at all. In that place, as soon as the divine consciousness is released from the body, it will be blocked by the wind, just like an ordinary person. There have even been rumors that there may be a very powerful ghost king hidden in the depths of the cave,Teardrop Pallet Racking, but it has never been confirmed, anyway, there is a big monk who does not want to risk going deep. Said the big fellow after a snort.
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